1st year electrical apprentice test

1st year electrical apprentice test

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    The IBEW wants to ensure that their candidates have a solid ability to comprehend written text, basic algebra, and have some mechanical aptitude. The aptitude test primarily applies to the Inside Wireman and the Limited Energy Technician apprenticeship programs. So make sure you brush up on your math before you sign up for the aptitude test.

    Math and Mechanical The math portion covers algebra and functions with a total of 33 questions that must be answered within 46 minutes. Now, along with the math portion you will most likely see some mechanical questions. These questions may ask about pulleys, how loads are distributed, the best way to balance a load being hoisted, and basic mechanical theory. Just remember that you must to have a balanced load meaning the weight is centered , and more lines hoisting a load with a pulley means less stress on the ropes or cables.

    Reading The reading portion covers comprehension with a total of 36 questions that must be answered within 51 minutes. This measures your ability to obtain information from written passages.

    Scoring The test is scored from 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest possible score. Most apprenticeships require a qualifying score of at least a 4 to be considered for an interview.

    Your ID will be checked. No ID, no test-no exceptions! Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled test time. Late entries will not be permitted. There might be a rescheduling fee. Do not bring a calculator. Pencils and scrap paper are provided for computation. If you do not receive a qualifying score you will not be eligible to retake the test at any JATC in the country for a period of six months. If you retest before the six month period elapses, your score will not be valid and another six months must elapse before the next retest.

    Test Time You can expect the test to take approximately two and a half hours to complete with a break between the algebra and reading portion. Reading Comprehension has 36 questions with a 51 minute time limit. With only 33 questions there is little room for error. You need to be prepared so you can limit wrong answers. Algebra Sample: 1.

    Become an Apprentice

    Take a tour of our facilities with Virtual Reality Walkthroughs. Overview Note: To be eligible for apprenticeship training you must be registered as an apprentice. Apprentices beginning Level 1 after December 1, will be required to complete their levels in the harmonized program. Please see the Harmonized Electrical Apprenticeship section below for further information. Electricians install, construct, alter, repair, maintain, commission, test, service, calibrate, and operate related electrical and electronic systems in any premise, place, building or structure.

    They ensure that all electrical connections are safe and meet standards set by the electrical code. Program delivery mode: in person This program will be delivered in person for the coming semester. We have put measures in place for your safety and well-being, ensuring that all safety protocols are addressed. Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

    Electricians may be employed by electrical contractors, maintenance departments of large institutions such as hospitals or industrial plants, or they may be self-employed. Working conditions for construction electricians will vary depending upon the type and stage of the project.

    Electricians interpret architectural drawings and electrical code specifications at construction sites. Rough wiring is weather-dependent, and is completed before walls are in place.

    The indoor installation of electrical equipment follows later, and much electrical work is performed in a standing position, often in confined spaces. Physical risks involved include falling from a height or receiving an electrical shock. Electricians who are employed by heavy industry in the industrial sector, such as in pulp mills, mines and smelting operations, working with large electrical motors and massive power supplies.

    Some electricians specialize in restorative, insurance or retrofit work rather than new construction. The electrician apprenticeship process requires time spent on the job and in school training. An electrician trainee must complete a four-year program, including 6, workplace hours and 1, in-school hours of training. After completion of training, a passing grade on the inter-provincial exam will result in the B. Certificate of Apprenticeship, B. Harmonized Electrical Apprenticeship New Electrical Apprentices starting the program after December 1, will be required to complete their levels in the harmonized program.

    Harmonized structure: Level 1, 2, 3 are common to Electrical and Industrial Electrician. Level 4 apprentices will be registered into their specific trade: Electrical CE or Industrial Electrical IE Harmonized apprentice levels will be regularly scheduled as follows: Level 1 intakes offered after December 1, Level 2 intakes offered after December 1, Level 3 intakes offered after December 1, Level 4 intakes offered after December 1, Current Electrical Apprentices will have the following options to complete their training: Option 1: Complete the current program Apprentices that began their training prior to December are encouraged to complete each level of training in their current stream as follows: Level 2 by November 30, Level 3 by November 30, Level 4 by November 30, If you try to register for and the level is unavailable please ask the Apprentice Services Customer Service Representative to add your contact information to the interests list to be notified when additional intakes become available.

    Option 2: Transition from the current stream to the harmonized stream Current apprentices that need to transition to the new program will need to complete GAP training in order to enter the new stream.

    Electrical Apprenticeship Program

    Workers who complete apprenticeship training programs can expect to hold good jobs at good pay! Their skills are a source of personal satisfaction, as well as employment security. Statistics show that apprentices earn higher wages, have more stable work records, and are promoted sooner and more often than un-trained workers. How will an Apprenticeship Program help Employers?

    If employers need trained workers now and in the future, they can benefit from an apprenticeship program. It is proven that apprentices are more motivated, learn their jobs faster, remain loyal to the employer who aided their training, and are more likely to become supervisors than workers trained in alternate ways.

    Your transcripts must show that you meet the minimum program requirements. Are there any fees required to apply for an electrical apprenticeship? Currently, there is no fee to apply for the Limited Residential Electrician apprenticeship.

    Is it possible to get a fee waiver when applying for an apprenticeship? Before beginning the application process, email applications nietc. A copy of your SNAP card is the simplest way to do this. When will you be accepting applications? Application openings are posted at least 30 days in advance on our Current Application Openings page which lists all programs currently open for applications. How long does the application process take? It will take months to navigate the application process: application, aptitude test, and interview.

    After your interview, we place you on the ranked list of eligible-to-hire applicants. Holidays, economic conditions, and the demand for apprentices in the electrical industry also affect this process.

    This is the list, for each apprenticeship, of all candidates who qualify for an electrical apprenticeship based on their interview scores. The apprenticeship will accept applicants off of the ranked list, starting with the top of the list, as needed to fulfill the needs of the electrical industry. How will I be notified of my position on the ranked list? You will receive a one-time notification by email of your ranked on the list.

    After I complete the Basic Skills class, what is the next step? No, but you must be 18 years old at the time you enter an electrical apprenticeship.

    What are the residency requirements to apply for an electrical apprenticeship?

    Electrical Apprenticeships

    You need to be a U. Transcripts and Minimum Qualifications What level of education is required to apply for an electrical apprenticeship? Is there a math requirement necessary to apply?

    What if I was homeschooled? If your home school is not accredited, you can contact www. What is an accredited school? A school accredited by a State Education Agency. Can I apply before I graduate high school? No, you must meet the minimum education requirements at the time of application. Will I need educational transcripts with my application? Yes, we require transcripts with your application.

    These need to be uploaded in PDF format. Please upload your transcripts in PDF format when you apply online. My school no longer exists and I do not have my transcripts. What can I do?

    Contact your school district for a copy of your transcript. If you cannot get your transcripts, you can contact www. My transcripts are in another language. Please have your transcripts translated and notarized — we recommend IRCO Because foreign transcripts do not use a GPA that aligns with the U.

    You will still need to meet the math requirement.


    If your transcript does not specify algebra, you can take a math placement test, and you must place into Math 95 or higher. You may also complete a college algebra class with a C or better, or our online Tech Math Class. Will I be able to have my transcripts reviewed prior to applying? You can email your transcripts to applications nietc.

    When applying, upload your high school and college transcripts in PDF format. No, to meet the minimum math requirement you must receive a C or better for one full year.

    Study Guide

    I have a college degree — can I upload that transcript instead of the high school transcript? Yes, as long as it reflects that you meet all the minimum program requirements If I applied in the past do I need to upload new documents?

    Will I have to retest? Not if you passed the test within the last 2 years with a score of 5 or higher. Make sure you identify the other JATC on the application. Contact the other JATC and ask them to email a copy of the score to applications nietc. Do you have recommendations for preparing for the aptitude test? Interview How can I prepare for the interview? Visit our Preparing for the Aptitude Test and Interview page. Oregon Worksource and Washington WorkSource offices provide mock interviews.

    What do I bring to the interview? Bring anything you would like the interview committee to consider. For example: cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, photos of your projects, etc.

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