Harry potter lemon fanfiction bellatrix

Harry potter lemon fanfiction bellatrix

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  • Rowling's creation. The combined effort of the books and the movie series has made Hermione into one of the most popular and prolific female characters in pop culture. Hermione isn't just the cleverest witch of her age, she might be the most beloved one too.

    Hermione might be the "sidekick" but she's been through just as many horrible things, if not more, than Harry. Hermione never had a homicidal egomaniac nose-less monster after her, but she's gotten pretty close. All the dreadful things that have happened to Hermione aren't equal.

    Some of the entries on this list are a lot more trivial than others, but still varying degrees of terrible. No one should want any of these things to happen to themselves or the people they love, but Hermione went through them all. She came out stronger on the other side as well. It's part of the reason why she's a hero. For example, the main reason that Malfoy despises Hermione so much is because of her blood.

    Hermione isn't just targeted by adolescent racists in Deathly Hallows. The entire government is taken over by people who want her dead because she's "impure. Even if she wasn't Harry's best friend, she'd still need to be in hiding because England turns into the magical equivalent of Nazi-occupied state and Hermione's their scapegoat. Of everything that's happened to Hermione becoming a wanted criminal for just being born is certainly the worst.

    In the books, nothing is shown but the implication of the torture is far worse. Harry had all the bones in his arm grown in one night, he fell off a broomstick during a Quidditch match and had several other near-death experiences. However, one of the most serious hospital wing visits in the series, barely involved Harry.

    In their second year, Harry, Ron and Hermione all took Polyjuice potion. It was played as harmless sight gag in the movies. According to the books, however, Hermione spent nearly a month in the hospital wing slowly reverting to her old non-hairy self.

    No matter how attractive Cormac was, unwanted sexual advances are still unwanted sexual advances as Hermione learned. Hermione ends up getting a little more than she bargained for because she has to literally "escape" him. This is the terrifying thing.

    The terrifying thing is that the franchise never quite makes clear how petrification works. She was just unable to move. Harry, Hermione and Ron start confronting their morality at the age of Sadly, this happens to Hermione. Weasley becomes towards Hermione. Weasley fully believes the filth that Skeeter is spewing. In a rare moment of awareness, Harry sets Mrs.

    Weasley right but the damage is done. Hermione has to deal with the knowledge that her mother figure found her momentarily repulsive. Molly knows Skeeter is a snake but for some reason she believes everything about Hermione. When Harry and Ron are fighting in Goblet of Fire, Hermione makes a concerted effort to bring them back together. Just imagine what it was like to live with it. Hermione is on the edge of a nervous breakdown throughout her entire third year and her best friends straight-up abandon her.

    This results in Hermione having to go to Hagrid for comfort and support. Hagrid, who himself, is one bad day from a self-destructive depressive rage is Hermione's entire social world when she's years-old. The thing that Hermione really needed in Prisoner of Azkaban was a strong support system and Hagrid was her only viable option. Hence, why time travel became involved. It's a horror story. Throughout the messy story that is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy end up screwing with time and traveling to two alternate dimensions.

    Neither of these elseworlds are good for Hermione. In one, Hermione never marries Ron and becomes a miserable spinster who teaches at Hogwarts and hates everyone. In the other, Hermione has Ron but Harry died in the Battle of Hogwarts so she has spent years hiding from Voldemort and barely surviving.

    Both are equally miserable alternate fates for different reasons that reduce Hermione's character to simplified forms. Things get especially bad when Ron abandons the group in a fit of rage.

    Hermione truly loses it once Ron leaves her. The books detail that Hermione cries almost constantly for weeks after Ron leaves her.

    Although Hermione tries her best to hide it from Harry, he still hears her cry herself to sleep. However, she proves her Gryffindor qualities over and over by constantly diving into death-defying situations. Hermione's horrified of flying and avoids getting on a broomstick at all costs. In Deathly Hallows, Hermione confronts her fear of heights in an incredible fashion; she hops on to the back of dragon. It looks cool but it would be terrifying, even for a person without acrophobia.

    Hermione had no choice, as it was either get on the dragon or die. It's still pretty much the definition of a trial by fire. In her first year, Hermione is getting it from all sides including Harry and Ron. Hermione is still merciless picked on by the Slytherins, especially Pansy Parkinson. Everyone else who attacks Hermione is just a jerk. This resulted in a nearly flawless and much less interesting character. Anything smart or heroic Ron did or said in the books, Hermione did or said it in the movies.

    In more than a few cases, Hermione was even more capable than Harry. However, the character, as written by J. Rowling, was a lot more compelling. The movies did fail Hermione. Sound off in the comments below!

    As he stands up, Harry looks down at the foot of his bed and almost passes out. There lies Narcissa Malfoy, naked as the day she was born. Damn, he thinks to himself, that wasn't a dream after all! Harry quietly sneaks to his dresser and fetches a change of clothes before heading to the shower. On the way to the bathroom, Harry notes that all the Dursley's are still asleep. Harry's about half-way through his shower when he hears the door open.

    He turns to see what looks like a dark haired female enter the room. As he open his mouth, Bellatrix says, "Don't worry master, it's just me. She's very thorough in her washing of him, but she's careful to avoid certain areas of his anatomy. Finally, she soaps up her hand and takes Harry's erect cock and begins to jack him off. Harry's surprise weakens his control to the point where he loses control in less then a minute, with enough force to leave his head spinning.

    After he regains his scattered wits, Harry and Bellatrix step out of the shower and she dries him off before doing the same to herself. The pair smells coffee brewing as they step out of the bathroom, fully dressed. They slowly head down to the kitchen to find Narcissa already at the stove making a good sized breakfast with Dudley and Petunia sitting at the table with food in front of them. Bella goes over and pours out two cups of coffee while Harry sits down with his relatives. Dudley is staring lecherously at Bellatrix until Harry gives him a very light kick in the shin.

    The boy opens his mouth to speak as he looks at Harry and then promptly closes it when he sees Harry's glare. Shortly thereafter, Dudley quits the table, after eating much less then is normal. The sisters join Harry and Petunia right after Dudley leaves. Petunia stands up as Harry's getting ready to dig in.

    For lack of a better term, they're my property; because of a spell I did, they're bound to me and will do whatever I tell them. Do you understand so far? You see, last night Narcissa broke one of my only rules and as punishment, I'm more or less giving her to you for the day. Petunia stands up, "Please follow me. Bellatrix laughs, "I doubt that we'll be seeing those two for a while master.

    Bellatrix looks at Harry with raw hunger in her eyes, "Master, she's not the only woman in the house in need of relief. After the door is closed, Harry can but stare as Bellatrix quickly divests herself of her clothing.

    As she bends over the end of Harry's bed, she looks at the mesmerized teen. After a moment, Bella stands up and walks over to Harry. She reaches a hand out gently tips his head up, "Master, is there a problem? She then resumes her place at the end of the bed. She looks over at her master and says, "You'll need to be over here," in a slightly teasing voice. Harry hesitantly walks over to behind Bella and waits for her to continue.

    Bella says, "Now grab my hips. After Harry's hips are resting against her rump Bellatrix says, "So good. Now pull back until just the head of your cock is still in me. When just the end of Harry dick is in he stops, "Now master, you just repeat the process.

    After a minute of this excruciatingly slow pace Bellatrix pleads, "Faster master, please go faster. As Harry continues to fuck her, Bellatrix reaches down and gently starts to rub her clit. Having her master massage her breasts is the straw that broke the camel's back for Bellatrix. She shrieks wordlessly as she climaxes.

    The muscle contractions around his cock are too much for Harry and with a grunt he deposits his seed in Bellatrix's waiting cunt. Bellatrix collapses on the bed as Harry steps back, allowing his spent member to slip from Bellatrix.

    He quickly moves around to the side of the bed and kneels down, "Are you alright Bella? That's the best orgasm of my life. The Bellatrix leads the way downstairs.

    As she sees a bit of motion in the kitchen, she sends off a stunner. A moment later, they hear Dumbledore say, "It's only me. After that Bellatrix quickly apologizes and turns to Harry to ask about her punishment, Harry raises his finger to silence her, "There won't be any punishment; you reacted exactly the way I would have.

    The two men chuckle as Bellatrix heads for the kitchen. They sit down as she sets out a nice tea set for two and a plate of biscuits.

    First though," he draws his wand and casts several privacy spells on the kitchen. First I have yet to hear from Cornelius about getting the restrictions lifted unfortunately, so avoid using magic if at all possible. Next, are the any questions you've been able to come up since yesterday? Instead it completely rearranges their outlook on life. I haven't had that much time yet to look into the particulars of the spell, but given the goal of the spell and the raw power needed to cast it, I doubt you'll have to worry about the spell wearing off any time soon.

    Do you have any other questions along this venue? But that does remind me of something. Bella come over here for a moment. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before continuing.

    However it can wait for now, please continue Albus" "I don't believe there's anything else. I'm afraid I must be going. Harry shakes his head and almost trips over Bellatrix as he stands up. I think I have a suitable punishment for you. You are cut off for the next forty-eight hours. No sleeping with me and no form of relief from anyone else, including yourself. He then looks over to the kitchen clock, almost noon, "Ok Bella, let's try out your cooking skills shall we?

    Harry watches Bella work, almost mesmerized by the swaying of her hips. Harry's considering having her take off her robes when he hears the front door open. He's instantly on his feet and both he and Bella have their wands in hand as they turn towards the entryway. Just as the reach the doorway, they hear Dudley callout. Harry peeks out and sees his cousin standing by the door, flushed, sweating, and out of breath. Dudley nods at Harry as he leans against the wall, trying to catch his breath.

    What's it to you? Throughout the meal, Dudley repeatedly forces himself not to over indulge. Finally, as Bella's clearing out the dishes, Harry asks, "Alright Dud, what's up? Now you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but maybe I can help.

    Harry's suddenly struck by inspiration, "It's a girl isn't it? With a big grin, Harry says, "I'm glad to hear it. If she's what's pushing you to improve yourself, then I'm very glad. Oh no, it's a girl I met at school, just moved here, names Shaz. But, I was an ass to her and well, I had a nice shiner for two days; but she opened my eyes to how much of a piece of shit I was.

    I'm trying to change, to treat people better, to try and make myself worthy of her. If you want lessons in manners, proper etiquette, that kind of thing, it could be arranged. I'll make you a deal Dud; if you can lose ten pounds before I leave this year, I'll give you Bella for an hour.

    Now you won't be allowed to shag her, but anything else. Also, if she chooses to teach you in her spare time, then, that's up to her. I'll be up in my room; I need to do some studying. When he walks in, Hedwig starts hooting at him. I can't go into details right now, but I'll fill you in when I get to Grimmauld Place. Harry Not entirely satisfied with the letter, Harry hesitantly attaches it to Hedwig's leg and sends her off. He then gets into his trunk and digs out his DADA book from last year.

    He turns towards the door just in time to be tackled. Raven hair obscures his vision and soft flesh is pressed against his chest as his lips are covered and he's engaged in a very intense kiss. After he manages to break the kiss, he says, "I missed you too, Bella. I want to tell him no, just because of his behavior towards you; but he was so emphatic. I think he truly wants to change. Bella reluctantly rolls off Harry and stands up, helping her master to his feet as well, "I plan on teaching him what he wants to know.

    I was hoping that you'd also be willing to attend.

    Snape also held up appearances while he dueled, making sure he seemed as though he had the intent to do harm to Voldemort's enemies even though he was restraining himself. He did take part in the horrible event that drove Alice and Frank Longbottom into insanity. He was also present in all of the major battles after Voldemort released him, his brother, and sister-in-law from Azkaban prison during The Order of the Phoenix.

    Rabastan was easily stunned by Harry in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. In fact, it didn't seem like he stood much of a chance against the year-old boy.

    He was also described as nervous, with darting eyes during his trail, unlike his brother, Rodolphus and sister-in-law Bellatrix. Rabastan seemingly didn't have his heart in it like his family did, which made him less formidable. During the fight, he managed to subdue Alastor Moody but was defeated by Harry and Sirius. Even though he failed to retrieve the prophecy, Voldemort forgave him after he broke him out of Azkaban a second time. This was probably because Dolohov had taken out many of Voldemort's enemies in the First Wizarding War, including the Prewetts.

    Voldemort was even more thrilled with Dolohov during the Battle of Hogwarts, as he was the man who took out Remus Lupin. He also took on more than four people at once but was eventually taken down by Professor Flitwick, who was known as a master duelist. In each one of them, he showed his skills. During this same fight, he managed to take on, Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the same time.

    He was only taken out by Harry who used his Invisibility Cloak. He was also part of the attack on Bill and Fleurs wedding but was stunned in the later altercation in the diner. Rowle was also able to cast a successful silencing charm over Hagrid when the Death Eaters captured him in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is just one of the reasons why one would rank Crabbe Senior low on a list of the strongest Death Eaters. Crabbe was also unfaithful to Voldemort, which angered the Dark Lord.

    It was clear that Voldemort didn't think very highly of him and just saw him as a weak follower. After all, he did forgive Lucius Malfoy for his abandonment following the end of the First Wizarding War. He even gave Lucius special tasks. Crabbe, on the other hand, couldn't even take out a year-old Hermione during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. He was also an absolutely phenomenal Quidditch player.

    Clearly, he was agile and a quick thinker. Regulus' abilities attracted Voldemort, who was happy to have him amongst his ranks. After an incident that harmed his his house-elf, Kreacher, Regulus renounced his Death Eater ways and sought to steal one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, the Slytherin locket. He not only knew what the Horcruxes were but, with the help of Kreacher, he also strong enough to get past Voldemort's defenses. He was often chosen to go on secret missions for the Dark Lord, including the attempt to convert Horace Slughorn.

    Yaxley was proficient at coercion, manipulation, and the Imperius Curse. In fact, he managed to have Pius Thicknesse under his spell throughout the entire war. This proved to be incredibly beneficial for Voldemort, who used Thicknesse to completely take over the Ministry Of Magic. Yaxley was also a very skilled duelist, ranking quite high among the Death Eaters.

    The fight ended in a stalemate. Eventually, it took both Lee Jordan and George Weasley to take him down. He was also good at non-verbal magic, using it on Fenrir Greyback at one point.


    After all, Voldemort did task him with various missions. He also took part in a number, such as the attack on Xenophilius Lovegood's house. Time and time again, Travers failed to accomplish his goals. Although Death Eaters like Lucius Malfoy failed a couple of times, at least they succeeded occasionally. Having said that, he did manage to survive a fight with Kingsley Shacklebolt during the Battle of the Seven Potters.

    Igor Karkaroff was originally captured by Aurors but gained his freedom after he sold out a number of other active Death Eaters, including Barty Crouch Jr.

    Instead of disappearing into the night, he became Headmaster, because he was a more than a talented wizard. Before the downfall of Voldemort, Karkaroff was millhaven j unit stories skilled with the Unforgivable Curses.

    He was also capable of evading the Aurors for six whole years. This last skill helped him greatly after the return of Voldemort as he remained hidden from him until his final demise. However, he claimed to be placed under the Imperius Curse in order to avoid jail time at the end of the war.

    He then started work for the Ministry of Magic as an executioner. McNair was hired to dispose of Buckbeak after he harmed Lucius Malfoy's son. All of this clearly shows how manipulative and vicious he truly was.

    Once Voldemort returned, McNair rushed to his side. During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Harry and his friends didn't stand a chance against him. Of all the Death Eaters, Avery was one of the most disloyal.

    He didn't believe in his master or the promotion of blood purity. The reason Avery was somewhat disloyal was that he was a coward. Avery didn't search for Voldemort after his downfall. Instead, he hid amongst the rest of the Wizarding World.

    This angered Voldemort, who punished him with the Cruciatus Curse upon his return. To make matters worse, Avery was quickly stunned in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, causing him to be captured and sent to prison.

    The two were among those who didn't search for Voldemort after his downfall, but the forgave them as he knew that they were of great value to him. When Voldemort placed Alecto at Hogwarts, she showed just how vicious she could be. She had no problem punishing children in the most awful ways whenever they fell out of line. Therefore, it's easy to believe that she was particularly skilled at using the Cruciatus Curse.

    That's because, as Dumbledore even said, his heart wasn't truly in it. Voldemort, as well as his parents, forced him into becoming one of the servants of darkness. Quite simply, Draco had no choice. He didn't want his relatives to see, or hear. And then, everything was gone, and all was dark. Powergirl x M. Tears fell from his eyes, and he was amazed.

    The roots of his hair were being yanked out, strand by strand with tweezers. He didn't know how long he lay in his cupboard screaming from pain. Harry slowly opened his eyes, and was met with a cascading fall of warm grey sky.

    I hope everyone reading this chapter, enjoys it. Unlike the pain usually brought from his uncle, this pain didn't dim, or fade and he didn't accustom to it. His back was burning hot, and it felt like something was trying to claw out of it.

    He glanced down and saw he lie in soft grass, and that he was naked. He felt like he was being held close in someone's arms. He had been starved before, how come this time it felt so different.

    It was much worse than anything he'd ever felt, and that's saying something. The arms around him tightened, and he heard a startled whisper. Harry didn't remember. Enjoy please. The breaths he was able to take in were in choking and bloody, with little air he could use. The gums of his teeth burned sharply, like he was gurgling boiling water. That's incest and therefore gross. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. At first he is petrified, but quickly becomes ecstatic at the idea.

    The pain kept on coming, in a never-ending onslaught. He hadn't thought it would have felt like this, to starve to death. He could barely breathe, as it grew more and more terrible. He sobbed, as his body was submerged under boiling water. He groaned, twisting his body in chances to escape the pain. Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks: Hits: The teeth broke skin, sending blood falling down his chin.

    His body ached with searing pain, and a ghost of flickering fire. It felt like scorching hot water was being poured over his backside, and he nearly screamed, clamping his teeth over his bottom lip. He felt content and loved. He didn't mean to.

    His body twisted and spasmed, shaking uncontrollably, contorting into strange misshapen positions. Above him, a single pure white cloud drifted through a sliver colored sky, circling the bright sun. The Fanfiction can also be found on Wattpad. When Hermione enters dormitory, and after a short talk with her everything changes for him forever. Are the witches of Hogwarts ready for the new Harry. Harry, some Weasley and Hermione bashing, and fluff.

    No Ginny or Molly. Read how one act by Luna changes his life and the lives of nine others forever. An aladdin fanfic. One night with Bellatrix Lestrange. He will be paired up with a lot of girls, all of them smart. He was a hacker.

    But as she quickly finds out, Harry is quite the forgiving sort. She performs a ritual that will change his life and the lives of seven others forever.

    Constraints are freed as a young demon indulges his bloodlust. There he finds love, and a reason and purpose in his life; to form the world into what it was meant to be. Shortly before the end of tram, he finds himself in his dormitory thinking over the past again. Building a prison that is teeming with lusting females, he locks the boy who lived inside, and throws away the key.

    A mix of MA and non MA. The question is not how far he will fall, but how many others he will take with him. A powerful wizard helping the Scooby gang will ensure a much happier outcome for the gang than what happened in canon Buffy.

    This is extremely graphic and violent, so take caution. Harry Potter is no longer the docile boy that we know.

    In the first serie, Harry has been thinking over his past, after seeing Sirius? I stopped breathing. I tried to fill my lungs with air but they were not working properly and the pain all over my body intensified as if I was cursed by the cruciatus curse.

    Love for the price of submission, and a family for the price of his old one. The second thing I notice is that I am laying on my stomach and something there are a few areas of my body which should not hurt, like my tail bone and ears. I tried to make myself take a breath. Giant anal insertion. I cringe. I feel a cool hand stroke my cheek, wiping away some of the wetness. I feel my brain become foggy as I drift off. I felt his magic forcing my magic to submit, daring me to go against it. It was sweet.

    I try to lay still. So bright that I can see the light with my eyes closed. Once I was upright, those hands pulled me up so I was standing. After a couple minutes I fall into a heavy sob. I raise my head from my knees, and try to clear my vision. Note: This story will not follow the Harry Potter books. I tried to stop thinking about death, well only for a little bit.

    Steven and connie have sex. I was relieved when I was placed in here instead of the second bedroom upstairs upon arrive. Only five more minutes until I can leave this hell hole. It is too quiet. I lay still, trying to figure out what to do.

    The same hand travels from my cheek to my hair, and starts petting me. After being beaten down Harry Potter is shattered, but upon his creature inherence he is finally saved. My knees felt weak as his magic wraps around me. My head started to pound from all the crying.

    I bury my face into my knees, trying to quiet my sobs. I move my hands to my face, remembering a cloth being wrapped around my eyes. As I take my first step, I cannot help but cry out in pain. I start to shake. The light dimmers and the coolness helps cool my overheated face. The cool hands ran across my back again, cooling the pressure. I would take the knife that uncle Vernon used to curve words into my skin, and slice my arms.

    As I accepted this, the word to address the man came to me. My stomach growls. The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner.

    Powered by Fiction Portal 2. But one old enemy managed to survive the curse that should have killed her. Crawford tillinghast. But hate and lust. The things that used to stick out from his body were gone and replaced with a dull ache that went deep. Harry whined and whimpered and struggled to get away from it as it kept getting bigger inside him. It felt so strange when it finally reached it, warm and wet and rough against the sensitive place. Hella Gay Season 1 Episode 1.

    That was different. Louis was quite pleased with the results even if he was going to have to deal with piss on the floor for a while. He felt a gush and suddenly felt so empty when it finally slipped out. He was used to having a corner or being let outside. He curled himself into the far corner when the animal bounded into the room and started barking on the other side of his fence.

    Louis leaned down to press a kiss against his forehead. It was swelling with each one and stretching him further and further apart. It sniffed along his side, up his neck and then around to root under his tail.

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