Angular material table filter by column

Angular material table filter by column

  • It’s pretty easy to master angular material tables. Until the UX issues come
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  • It’s pretty easy to master angular material tables. Until the UX issues come

    Leave a comment on Material Angular Table with filtering and bold style on match What I found interesting was that when I was checking out the Angular Material UI documentations under Component Table I found that they had some great table examples, but the table with filtering example does not make any match bold or highlight it in some way when you are filtering.

    For me that is the natural expectation of what would happen if you filter on something and get a match so you know what why the list item is being shown. These small bugs are so annoying but satisfying when they are solved!

    First let us try the example from the Angular Material UI website where it says table with filtering and copy paste the whole thing into your Angular project in some component. I have one prepared called testComponent which I created with the command: ng g component test So copy the code into your component like this in the. Fair enough! Try write something into the filter field and see what happens.

    Here is where we want to step in and make it bold. What we need to accomplish this is to create a custom pipe that will receive the original string and a value and transform it. Create a folder called pipes. Then in it, create a file called bold. Also in your app.

    And now it works as we want! This is the best method I found so far because now it will highlight any letter we put in even if it is a lowercase letter we write it will match it on the capital H. It will always preserve the lowercase or uppercase when we search. Pretty good!

    Angular Material 8|9 Table Select Box Filters for Multiple Columns

    Conclusion Angular Material is used to display rows of data and styled data tables. The Angular Material Data Table component is a generic component for displaying tabulated data. We can easily give it the finest look and feel with the material design. MatTable is built on the foundation of the Component Dev Kit CDK data-table and uses a similar interface for its data input and template. Its element and attribute selectors are prefixed with mat- instead of CDK.

    Install Angular 8 Type the following command to install Angular. You should include Hammer. Now, you will be able to find this file on the root of this Angular project. Some of the default themes are indigo-pink, deep-purple-amber, purple-green, and pink-blue-grey. To import the theme in our project, we can add the following code to your global styles. The file is inside the src folder. It also provides an Angular Material design with a styled data table. You should write the following code inside the app.

    It is a model that has its properties with the datatypes. Inside the app. We can expand the data table with more features such as pagination, sorting, filtering, searching, and add all possible features with the help of the Angular Material table.

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    Angular Material — Tables with Sorting, Filtering, and Pagination

    From north to south it spans more than half the Northern Hemisphere. It is in Southeast Asia on the eastern edge of the peninsula known as Indochina. It consists of five major islands and about 30 smaller groups.

    Step 2: Example of Angular material table To demonstrate the Angular material table example. We have imported HttpClientModule, we need the httpClient module to fetch data from the source, the source can be a server or local static data. Angular 4. Let edit our component typescript to add the following code to fetch, sort, pagination, and search filter activities. Let edit the app.

    In our component template, we have performed the following activities. Add mat-table component on HTML table element, so that we can make this table to material design table style. Here we can define unique name for eah column containing header and row cell content. Let adds style for the material table in our component style. In this section, we will learn how we can integrate search filters on the Angular material table. In our component template, we had to add mat-form-field with input. In our typescript file of components, we will implement Angular Material table search filter functionalities.

    Step 5: How to apply Angular Material paginatiion? To implement Angular material pagination, we have to import the mat-paginator module in our custom material module, we have already added it to this module.

    In the Angular material paginator component, we have declared two attributes as. Syntax of our Angular material table pagination.

    Material Angular Table with filtering and bold style on match

    You can name it anything. In typescript to access this material paginator component, we need to import and use ViewChild decorator. ViewChild MatPaginator paginator: MatPaginator; Here we are linking the viewChild decorator paginator to our template mat-paginator component. Each column should have a unique column name and it will contain the contents of its header and row cells. For that purpose, we have already created a variable displayedColumn in our component class file. Add these two lines at the bottom of your mat-table tag to specify, which columns we are going to show.

    Run ng serve --open in your terminal. Showing of rows in mat-table Till now, we have implemented our basic mat-table. Mat-Table Pagination mat-paginator is used to provide pagination with the mat-table. Each paginator requires two basic things: The number of items per page default is 50 Total number of items being paged The paginator displays a dropdown of page sizes for the user to choose from.

    Angular Material Table Filtering Columns and a Date Range

    The options for this dropdown can be set via pageSizeOptions The current pageSize will always appear in the dropdown, even if it is not included in pageSizeOptions. To implement the pagination, first of all, import the MatPaginatorModule in your app. Add MatPaginatorModule in imports[] array as well.

    First of all, we imported ViewChild and MatPaginator in our component class file. Then we accessed our MatPaginator control using ViewChild MatPaginatorand in ngOnInit life-cycle hook, we assigned this paginator to our datasource paginator property. Mat-table with Pagination 9. Mat-Table Sorting In this step, we are going to implement mat-table sorting feature.

    Like other modules, we have to first import MatSortModule in our app. Add this MatSortModule in import[] array as well. Also, we have to add mat-sort-header to each column.

    The complete html file looks like this: app. Now, move to app. Then using ViewChild MatSortwe accessed our MatSort component, and finally, we assigned sort to datasource sortproperty.

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