Pasyalan sa laguna

Pasyalan sa laguna

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  • 15 Incredible Places You’ll Find in the Province of Laguna, Philippines
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  • 10 Things To Do in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

    I was in full gratitude when Herald Bebis organized a blogger tour to help local government unit and to help to boost the tourism of Cavinti , Laguna. It was an awesome act of kindness to make Cavinti to be known nationwide and even worldwide.

    With that said, I was such a lucky gal to get invited on that beautiful province and explore it for 2 days. And upon writing this blog post, I am already hoping and wishing to get back to that paradise! And I know each reason that I will be posted here deserves a single entry which I will be posted on the coming days, so stay tuned as I will flood you with something colorful and impressively awesome.

    Well, I guess, you have to order this prior on your booking so you can indulge with this while in this place. It was dammed at the section where the top of the spillway also served as a wet bridge on the Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti road.

    After the bridge was constructed, the dam and adjacent land became the Eco-Park with huts and bathroom facilities for the tourist. Then it is a must for you to visit the Pandan Weaving Center.

    This is the place where sambalilo straw hat and other handicraft made-out-of-pandan leaves made that came from the rain forest of Mount Banahaw and nearby mountains and forests. It is located in the covered basketball court of Cavinti. These colorful big and small handicrafts are sold in a very affordable price. By having this, it helps more families to have a better living.

    Anyhow, the over thousand steps going down and rappelling twice was all worth it. Though, you should be cautious as there were steps that were too narrow.

    Cavinti Church on the 2nd floor of Cavinti Church We have plenty of them here in our country. It was built at an unusual location way back in s that had been revealed to two men known as the Puhawan brothers. This legend says that these two brothers were searching for something to eat when they discovered an image of El Salvador at this spot.

    When they took the picture to their home in Lumban, then they found out that the image is lost. They look for it and were amazed to find the image in exactly the same place where they first found it.

    The Cavinti Church now stands on the holy ground where the image was discovered. Camarin Resort hanging bridge sunset where are thou?

    Looking for a good venue for your once-in-a-lifetime precious moments? Well, I assure that Camarin Resort has it all. Caliraya Spring Golf Course trying it out.. Hey friends! So, who says that Cavinti, Laguna is only for those yuppies and kids-at-heart that are looking for an adventure? You can bring your Family and loved ones and enjoy the scenery while playing — fresh air, delicious foods, refreshing drinks and more.

    Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort kayaking at the lake hanging bridge again.. Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort is perfect for team building and physical activities. Well, Lago Fishing Village made me to think beyond of it.

    It has lots of coconut trees which I am fond of, lots of green grasses, and a corner perfect for an OOTD. Oh wait; there are also amazing room interiors wherein each room is decorated differently. Well, waking up on something like this every day is truly bliss. Hmmm… can I score a night or 2 night stay on this place, please?

    15 Incredible Places You’ll Find in the Province of Laguna, Philippines

    One of the famous spots in town is the Pila Heritage Site. It is a usual stop for educational trips in Laguna as it is declared as a national historical landmark. Pila Heritage Site features structures like old churches and houses, making you think like you are back to the Spanish era in the Philippines. Highlights: Old churches, houses, and other structures that were built during the Spanish era and preserved to this day Address: Pila, Laguna Philippines Entrance fee: Free but donations are accepted Head straight to the town of Cavinti and be transported to Japan even without booking a flight.

    Add this now to your Laguna tourist spot itinerary. Unlike other volcanoes in the Philippines, this potentially active volcano is a 3-peaked volcano complex and is the tallest mountain in Region IV-A.

    Makiling Botanical Gardens Photo source: Wikimapia With lots of different types of flora and fauna, Makiling Botanical Garden is one of the best places in Laguna where you can learn about native tree species conservation and planting.

    The green views surrounding the area will surely relax you. Beginners may choose from two wakeboard lakes, and professionals are on hand to teach all the right techniques while having fun, making it the best place to learn the sport. Some of the facilities you can enjoy are the garden and outdoor swimming pool, both of which are ideal for relaxation after a day full of exploration.

    This Laguna tourist spot is not just a treat to the tummy but also a feast to the eyes. Highlights: Old houses from various Philippine provinces were brought here to be a restaurant and hotels Museum of an antique collection Address: Brgy.

    The travel time from Manila to Laguna is around two hours, making it a perfect destination for quick vacations. While the waterfalls in Laguna are there usually year-round, we recommend you visit them between May to October.

    There are, however, restaurants open for travelers. A: Laguna is known for its natural wonders like waterfalls, hot springs, cold springs, and lakes. When it comes to food, the province is popular for buko pie. Q: What are the instagrammable places in Laguna, Philippines?

    Check out these instagrammable places in Laguna, Philippines: Seven Lakes.

    Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Visit Cavinti, Laguna (via Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour)

    Currently, the proprietors are living in the United States.

    Mabitac Laguna Tourist Spots

    The use of Philippine elements e. We even have the so-called Kesong Puti Festival to celebrate it. Cruz loves milk tea! With all that said, we now have over 30 milk tea houses in our small town. Cruz Milk Tea Houses: 9. Hire a professional dress designer Many designers from Santa Cruz have been recognized by national and international media. We jogged along the newly constructed road in Bayside Baranggay Bagumbayan then watched the sunset in Bayside Baranggay Callios.

    Other Random Photos. One example is the fictional town called La Presa created by the Filipino hit soap opera Forevermore. Kabuyao, Tuba, Benguet, the real life location of La Presa, became an instant tourist destination. Sadly, that town is now suffering the effects of mass tourism. In fact, so many films and TV crews frequent this place that it is dubbed as the Hollywood of Laguna. But the moment you step in this place, you will immediately sense that it could be one of those sleepy towns in the outskirts of Laguna.

    Magdalena, originally named Magdalena de Ambling, used to be a part of the town of Majayjay but after the petition of its local residents, Magdalena was proclaimed as a separate town back in the s. Shacks will greet you upon approaching the town, which is an unusual sight considering how rich its neighboring towns are. The main town is a different story though. Rumor has it that NPA rebels used to roam around this side of Laguna.

    This was what the tricycle driver whom we hired to tour us around town told us. But that was a long time ago he said. He assured us that the NPA rebels have long left Magdalena. Magdalena Park filled with superheroes When you reach Magdalena from Liliw, the park with the superheroes and all those other quirky structures you could imagine is your cue to alight the jeepney. This park is located behind the stone church. You can pose with your favorite superheroes or if you fancy pre-historic animals, make sure you get a photo with the T-rex or make that my-head-got-eaten-by-a-whale-shark pose.

    Ariel of the Little Mermaid is also there. I think it was her I saw. Or was it Dyesebel? After boring ourselves with photo ops, we then started heading to the front portion of the church.

    It was our first time to visit Magdalena.

    Laguna PH: A Beautiful Town Named Magdalena

    So when we left the gates of the park and headed towards the front of the church, the sight of the bell tower took my breath away. Seeing that magnificent bell tower from afar gave me that sense of feeling something wonderful was waiting for us at the end of that narrow pathway. I could only image how this building held parties back in the olden days. Since it was a weekend when we visited, the town hall was close.

    Makes me wonder now how its interiors look. Commemorating Heroes Across the town hall, Dr. Jose Rizal stands tall on a pedestal. It was said that having someone beside Rizal could be a mechanism to make Rizal less distant, less foreign. Within the spacious lawns of the town plaza, you will find a monument in honor of Emilio Jacinto, coined as the Brains of the Katipunan.

    Biñan City, Laguna

    Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan or The Katipunan in short, was a Philippine revolutionary society founded by anti-Spanish Filipinos in Manila inwhose primary aim was to gain independence from Spain through revolution.

    During one of the revolutionary encounters, General Emilio Jacinto was wounded in a barrio in Maimpis in Magdalena, Laguna. A marker is even built to show the exact place where he was wounded. It was said that he then sought refuge inside the convent of the St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church. He died soon because of his wounds. A small shrine was placed to mark where Emilio Jacinto was found inside the convent. The amusement park also has shopping facilities, dining stalls, shows, and entertainment venues.

    Paete Paete Church by Carlo Joseph Moskito via Wikipedia CC The town of Paete is mostly visited because of their woodwork, but more than that, you can embark on gastronomic adventures by trying their local puto bumbong.

    There are several small statues of Saints and a bell tower. Batangas Classic Bulalo Batangas is known for many things like its beaches, Kapeng Barako, Tablea, balisong, and many more. Verde Island Passage can also be found in Batangas. The water activities of Batangas are also being visited by many tourists around the country. Aside from its natural attractions and products, Batangas wows many with their special version of Bulalo.

    The marine life of Anilao is diverse and really colorful. There are resorts where accredited dive masters are ready to give lectures to willing guests. The shrine in Batangas is built in his honor.

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