Shady for mac reddit

Shady for mac reddit

  • 3 Reasons Why I Switched from Mac Mail to Spark by Readdle
  • 386 Startup Failure Post-Mortems
  • #1 I Saw This On A Restaurant Door. After I Ate There
  • Is uTorrent Safe? (There Are Some Concerns)
  • Reddit goes off on shady Yelp practices!
  • 3 Reasons Why I Switched from Mac Mail to Spark by Readdle

    Sources Why you should trust us We scoured articles, white papers, customer reviews, security audit reports, and forums to compile the pros and cons of various VPN services, different VPN protocols and encryption technologies, and signals indicating transparency, trustworthiness, and security.

    We also touched base with blockchain privacy expert and Clovyr co-founder Amber Baldet to discuss the privacy advantages and pitfalls to consider when paying for a VPN with cryptocurrency.

    As a digital security trainer at Freedom of the Press Foundation FPF , David Huerta has consulted and trained media makers in hundreds of newsrooms, including The New York Times, on how to make the best use of privacy-enhancing technology in journalistic work. Since the beginning of his time at FPF in , he has shown journalists how to use encryption tools to protect the identity of their sources, how to address privacy concerns related to having a highly public presence online, and how to circumvent national firewalls when reporting from abroad.

    VPNs have been a recurring topic; he has helped demystify how they work, as well as how to pick a VPN based on its technology and policy features. She collaborated with the Electronics Frontier Foundation on its Street-Level Surveillance project and wrote curricula for TrollBusters, a just-in-time rescue service for women writers and journalists who are experiencing online harassment. She has also co-organized events, taught workshops, and spoken on panels about digital security and source protection.

    They all provided feedback on a wide range of issues, from technical concerns to provider transparency. Who this is for For this guide we focused on virtual private networks, or VPNs, as an option for people who are hoping to add a layer of privacy or security to their web browsing.

    Using a VPN can stop your computer or mobile device from revealing your IP address to websites, services, and the rest of the internet when you connect. One reason to protect your IP address is that it can give away your location.

    Anyone can plug in an IP address at various websites to find your rough location, usually your city, state, and country. Although some IP addresses are only loosely connected to a specific geographic location, those associated with Wi-Fi hotspots are much more precise. Commercial outfits such as Skyhook have used hotspot scanning and app partners to amass large databases correlating IP addresses with hotspot locations, and companies can turn to these services to determine your exact location.

    Using a VPN can also stop your internet service provider from recording your online activities; in , President Donald Trump signed a law repealing internet privacy rules passed by the FCC, allowing ISPs to record all of your traffic, insert ads, track you in a variety of ways, and sell that data to third parties.

    Even loading images embedded in emails you receive can reveal your IP address to wherever the images are loading from. IP addresses can pinpoint your places of work, too. For example, a court document indicates that a New York Times reporter accidentally tipped off a company to a major investigation by visiting its website too often. Some of the reasons you may want to use a VPN might be better addressed through other tools or methods that are potentially more effective.

    Use a password manager to create and manage secure, unique passwords for all your accounts. Reusing passwords means that if one of your accounts is compromised , others can be, too.

    Enable multi-factor authentication , a security feature you can find at most major sites , including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Encrypt your laptop , in case you lose it or someone steals it. If you are choosing to use a VPN to avoid being tracked online across various ad networks, some browser extensions can be helpful. Note that you can manually turn off these extensions for websites with features that work only with ad tracking allowed, a feature generally not available with VPN apps.

    Currently this function is an experimental feature in Chrome. Consider using a Wi-Fi router or mesh-networking kit that does not allow administration over a web interface and that auto-updates. Otherwise, your router may be remotely exploitable due to known security vulnerabilities, which would let an attacker take over your entire home network. Learn more about Tor below. Be aware that although the above tools can minimize your digital footprint, they have limitations.

    But the biggest sites often block connections from VPNs , making geoshifting like this unreliable. Unfortunately, these are also the most difficult qualities to ascertain. In recent years, VPNs have begun hiring independent firms to conduct security audits to back up their security or privacy claims and have been sharing the results publicly. In the past, executives traveling overseas have been attacked with malware served through unsecured hotel Wi-Fi, and ISPs have hijacked and rerouted customer search queries , injected targeted ads based on browsing history , and injected supercookies to track mobile customers.

    But not all VPNs are an improvement, as more than a few VPN providers have been caught lying about their policies in the past or sharing data with third parties, and many VPN services have had poor configurations that leaked the very data they were being paid to secure. In fact, there are so many stories about VPNs not being true to their claims that we can list only a sample: In , one study PDF found a mix of VPNs that had embedded third-party tracking and insecure implementations.

    Perfect Privacy stated on its blog that authorities in Rotterdam, Netherlands, seized one of its servers to try to obtain customer data but were unable to do so. Knowing who is behind your VPN is a big step toward trusting them. Some VPNs offer great service or pricing but little to no insight into who exactly is handling them.

    Considering the explosion of companies offering VPN services and the trivial nature of setting one up as a scam , having a public-facing leadership team—especially one with a long history of actively fighting for online privacy and security—is the most concrete way a company can build trust. We think the privacy promises of people with ties to an intelligence collection agency should be considered with some skepticism.

    Another major factor we looked for: published security audits conducted by reputable third parties, which are much more common than they have been in the recent past. Additionally, the auditors themselves are limited by time and sometimes are contracted to look only at certain aspects of a VPN. For this guide, we insisted that our VPN picks have published third-party security audits of their core product.

    However, software companies and service providers that are willing to engage with third-party auditors to review their code and implementation—and make the results public—do send a signal of trust. For this guide, we insisted that our VPN picks have published third-party security audits of their core product—their server and back-end infrastructure, rather than just their apps and web-browser extensions.

    Although audits for apps and extensions are a nice supplement, apps and extensions can be independently dissected by any security researcher with a smartphone or web browser. Some VPNs have had no-log audits conducted in order to show that they are living up to their privacy promises. And even if companies intend to stick to their promises, they may be inadvertently failing to secure the data they are entrusted with protecting.

    Although the move toward transparency with no-log audits is a positive one, competition makes it mandatory that such audits be paired with security audits that can help find vulnerabilities so that companies can patch or mitigate them. If you penny-pinch on privacy and security services, you may end up without privacy or security.

    But depending on the location, that same lack of regulation can leave people unprotected against fraudulent marketing, which is a major trade-off. There are three common scenarios in which other parties would be able to quickly link your online habits. In fact, government requests for data have included asking ISPs for accounts linked to other accounts—if Google knows which VPN you use and that there are multiple accounts on your computer, it knows that your accounts are linked, as does anybody else it shares that data with.

    People in the US who believe that offshore VPNs will protect their identities in the case of criminal activity will be disappointed to learn that the US government actually has mutual legal assistance treaties with dozens of countries throughout the world.

    In , we added four, and then in we considered one more. Trust and transparency The minimum: recent, published back-end security audits by a reputable third-party firm; public-facing leadership The best: comprehensive, published white-box aka open-box security audits by a reputable third-party firm conducted annually; transparency reports; a bug-bounty program or a coordinated vulnerability-disclosure program We thoroughly reviewed all audits, paying close attention to how comprehensive they were and what they included.

    We also factored in which companies had public-facing leadership or ownership. We looked for audits by third-party firms, prioritizing those that assessed the overall security of a VPN provider. Privacy and terms-of-service policies The minimum: marketing copy consistent with the privacy policy and the terms of service The best: easy-to-read policies; companies located in countries with strong consumer protections; no third-party trackers on the website The VPNs we chose said they logged minimal information.

    We asked companies about their internal security and privacy standards, and how they would respond to requests for information, in order to gauge the trustworthiness of their statements on logging. For a VPN service, this can feel somewhat contradictory to the larger promises made in website copy probably written by the same marketing team making use of these trackers.

    Trial or refund policy The minimum: a free version or trial or a money-back guarantee The best: a free version or trial and a money-back guarantee Despite our extensive testing, we know that VPNs work differently in different locations and on different computers and networks. A trial or a free version of a VPN can allow you to test out several of them risk-free to see if any are a better fit for your specific circumstance.

    In lieu of a free trial or tier, we recommend trying out a new VPN for a month before committing to buying it for a full year. Server network The minimum: at least 75 server locations in at least 20 countries The best: more than 1, servers The more servers a network has at each of its locations, the more likely you are to have a speedy connection.

    And a VPN with a wide variety of server locations can help you geoshift your location without losing connectivity or allow you to log on to a less-congested part of the world. However, VPNs tend to be slower at peak times even on the most robust networks due to limited bandwidth in and out of an area. We recommend the open-source WireGuard protocol, a new lightweight protocol that is gaining prominence. It now has Windows and macOS support and is integrated into the Linux kernel, which required additional security review.

    Although AES bit encryption is fine for most purposes , we prefer services that default to the more-secure bit encryption and still offer good performance. Without a kill switch, if your Wi-Fi drops or another connectivity issue occurs, your VPN stops securing the connection. Desktop VPN apps are relatively simple affairs, but the best ones make it fast and easy to connect to the service and find important settings.

    A two-connection limit is likely sufficient for most individuals, but five or more connections offer flexibility for couples, families, or people with many devices. An extensive help section on the website can resolve many problems. Although we consider online-chat support to be the gold standard, quick and clear responses to emails can be equally helpful. Custom ad blockers: Although this is a nice feature to have in a VPN, you can find a number of trustworthy and free browser extensions for this purpose.

    Multihop connections: For added encryption and obfuscation, some VPNs can route your traffic through multiple servers.

    This is unnecessary for most people, though, and it can reduce speeds. The EFF supports this legal position , though it stopped tracking warrant canaries in ; other highly regarded companies and organizations think warrant canaries are helpful only for informing you after the damage has been done. How we tested After going through the above criteria in , we narrowed our initial list down to just four services that met our requirements: IVPN , Mullvad , Surfshark , and TunnelBear.

    We signed up for each one of those services and dug deeper into their policies, technology, and performance on a custom-built gaming PC, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and a Pixel phone. Multi-threaded testing, according to a white paper by OTI , has a higher tolerance for background packet losses and can obfuscate deficiencies in the network, so it tends to be more forgiving than other tests. These two tests show how using a VPN, especially a distant server, will generally slow down your internet connection.

    This screen recording has been sped up, so the connection time may be longer than depicted.

    386 Startup Failure Post-Mortems

    How do I stop my MacBook Air from overheating? Most laptop computers have easy-to-spot ventilation areas where heat is expelled from while they are in use. Most electronic devices need space around them to ventilate heat properly. Why does the MacBook Air get so hot? Is it bad if my MacBook air gets hot? These are issues that every computer contends with, but MacBooks seem to struggle more than most. The MacBook Air from appears to be particularly prone to overheating problems.

    It depends on how often your Mac overheats. Assuming this is a recent development, then it could be a sign of an overworked Mac. Too many files, taking up too much space on the hard drive, or too many systems, apps, or browser tabs open at once. All of that activity can slow a Mac down and cause it to overheat. How do I cool down my MacBook? Place your MacBook on a flat, level surface such as a table or desk instead of your bed or blanket.

    This should increase airflow and cool the computer down. If you are out in the sun, take the computer inside or at least into a shady area out of direct sunlight.

    How do I stop my MacBook from overheating? Fix 3: Stick to One Task at a Time. Fix 4: Allow for Ventilation and Avoid Heat. Fix 7: Update Your Software.

    Is it normal for MacBook to get hot? Your Mac notebook computer can get warm during normal use. Learn how you can manage its operating temperature. Mac notebooks have sensors that detect temperature changes inside your computer. If your Mac notebook has fans, they turn on automatically to cool critical components. Why does my MacBook get so hot and loud?

    The most common reason for fans to run at full speed is that the air vents are blocked. Restarting your Mac could reset the temperature sensor so give that a try. Why is my MacBook air overheating and losing battery?

    If your battery is overheating you need to get your MacBook serviced. How do I cool down my MacBook air? Why does my MacBook get so hot when playing games?

    If the heat is uncomfortable, you can use a fan utility such as Macs Fan Control to run the fan s faster, though the faster they spin, the noisier they get. If your Mac was actually defective and did overheat, it would shut itself down.

    Why is my MacBook air losing battery so fast? Possible cause: During the initial setup of the new Mac, Mac apps gobble up more battery power than normal. Is it worth replacing MacBook Air battery?

    The cost to replace the battery in a MacBook Air would be well worth it if the computing is in good shape otherwise. How long do MacBook air batteries last?

    And the company says the Pro version of the MacBook boasts up to 20 hours. The new MacBook Air comes with faster processing speeds and a longer battery life. How long do MacBook Airs last? It would likely receive macOS updates until The OS released in would receive support from Apple until , and most third-party tools would work until at least This means that in general, you can expect about 10 years of life from a Mac, barring any unforeseen hardware issues.

    Should I buy a MacBook Air ? As a result, MacBook Air is a nearly flawless laptop, perfect for the daily tasks most people need to do. Is MacBook Air worth buying in ? Is Apple discontinuing the MacBook air? Will there be a new MacBook Air in ? Should I buy MacBook air M1 or wait? M1X chip will be well optimised for computer software. You can wait for the new model but as we know new macs come with new hardware or software problems.

    So if you have an urgent need you can buy M1 MacBook Pro. Should I get an M1 MacBook? Is Apple M1 chip worth it? Is Apple M1 chip better than Intel i7? Is Apple M1 chip better than Intel? As you might expect, the Intel-supplied benchmarks showed Intel on top, sometimes outperforming M1 by ratios of or even

    #1 I Saw This On A Restaurant Door. After I Ate There

    The build needs to be We already covered those tips in-depth in this guideso be sure to check it out. Think uTorrent Is Not Safe? Most Redditors agree that qBittorrent, Deluge, and Transmission are solid options. Is uTorrent Safe from Being Tracked? To avoid tracking with uTorrent, use a VPN.

    VPNs also keep you safe from copyright trolls. FAQs This is where we answer the most common questions people ask about uTorrent being safe. If you want more answers, just leave your question in the comments below. Is uTorrent Safe for Mac Devices?

    And the company behind it is shady. Most Mac users on Reddit say they prefer using qBittorrent and Transmission. Malware can take over the device and compromise all your data.

    So, in this article, we explore how to search Reddit, including some unofficial ways to get better results. How to Search Reddit for Subreddits, Users, and Posts If you want to search across all of Redditwhether you're looking for a subreddit or a postyou can use the search bar.

    If the term "subreddit" just flew right over your head, be sure to check out our guide on what Reddit is and how it works before reading any further. The search bar is in different locations, depending on which kind of Reddit design you're using. If you're using the old Reddit design, the search bar is in the top-right.

    If you're using the new Reddit design, it's at the very top in the middle. Type what you want to see in here and press Enter to search.

    When you use the search bar, Reddit will pull up subreddits, users, and posts that contain your search term. If you want to search just subreddits, you can visit the subreddit page. This is used for managing the subreddits you follow, but it also comes with a search box exclusively for finding new communities.

    Is uTorrent Safe? (There Are Some Concerns)

    How to Search Reddit Using Modifiers and Operators You can also use the following modifiers as mentioned in Reddit's advanced search: title:[text] searches only post titles.

    You can also use boolean operators to better refine your search. AND means you want both sides to be true. OR means only one side needs to be true. You can use parentheses to group modifiers together in case the search query is a complex mixture of ANDs and ORs. How to Search Within a Subreddit If you want to search a subreddit, you can use the subreddit search modifier we mentioned above. However, there is an easier way that will save you a little bit of time.

    For example, let's say you're browsing a subreddit and you're not finding what you want to find.

    Reddit goes off on shady Yelp practices!

    Instead of browsing until you find it, you can search only within the subreddit you're on. Quibi Product: Quibi Mobile-focused streaming service Quibi shut down in October just 6 months after launching. However, suddenly, all capital dried up as the uncertainty of how our low-income, mostly Latino customer base would recover from a pandemic that disproportionately impacted their jobs, health, and finances intimidated investors.

    This was an incredibly hard decision. We hope to refocus the business in other areas such as our US share trading product, Dabble, should circumstances allow. The factors included a prolonged period of weakened demand for some financial products and services, in particular travel insurance.

    Quantopian Product: Quantopian Quantitative trading platform Quantopian announced in October that it would shut down and that its co-founders and employees would move to Robinhood. Bloomberg said about the shutdown: It was the wisdom of the crowds, applied to the nerdiest corner of Wall Street—radical, sure, but a logical extension of a burgeoning gig economy and a tech revolution that was opening up access to ever-deeper market data.

    The startup, which was launched inalso tried to make money by selling an enterprise version of its online platform to financial firms. But that never really took off, and it was mainly banking on its golden dragon mobi fund to succeed, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    In an interview with the Boston Business Journal, Fawcett said the fund had underperformed. MENAbytes has spoken with multiple employees at Awok all of which have confirmed that the company has been in crisis since the start of The online reviews of Awok on Trust Pilot suggest that the company was not fulfilling the orders of customers in spite of receiving payments. Brideside Product: Brideside Launched inwedding and bridesmaid dress retailer Brideside shut down in Novemberas it and the wedding industry on the whole faced significant headwinds due to Covid An alternative and sufficient financing is not possible in such a short period of time, so the company is now taking the step and discontinuing the business.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports, Many landlords who had rented their homes to HubHaus said in interviews and on a Facebook group that it had already slashed the rent it was paying them in recent months, leaving them tens of thousands of dollars in the hole. Several said they were stunned to discover that it had also stopped paying utilities months ago. Because of the pandemic, utility companies are not cutting off service for nonpayment.

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this outcome. To make the decisions it will be called upon to make on every acre in the 21st century, agriculture needs modern, open, high-resolution data infrastructure. Though TerrAvion delivered the most volume in our category — with positive and growing margins — agribusiness and capital markets seem to have incommensurate expectations. TerrAvion was caught in the middle. The team and I did everything possible in our power to make it work.

    The 4-year-old startup had attempted to pivot to offering its services to larger customers as it struggled to generate enough revenue from its consumer subscription service, but it was unable to convince investors of the viability of its model.

    According to CNBC, One key issue facing Haven was that while the firm came up with ideas, each of the three founding companies executed their own projects separately with their own employees, obviating the need for the joint venture to begin with, according to the people, who declined to be identified speaking about the matter.

    The startup, which was incubated by PayPal inannounced in October it would discontinue its cards as its card issuer Wirecard filed for insolvency. The switch to open source did not take place at a pace anywhere close to the speed that would enable us to operate and grow our business, despite commitments from many to the contrary. We have also found that Covid has actually redirected funds away from automation projects and into building-out raw infrastructure, further delaying adoption.

    In this update, the hospitality industry was hit especially hard, with several short-term rental and travel startups forced to wind down operations. Fashion and media companies also lost customers and dollars they needed as consumer spending pulled back and investor appetite waned.

    Some of these failed companies were facing problems far before the crisis, from over-promised software to stiff competition to shady business practices. Read on for the post-mortems of 14 startups that shut down since January. Atrium Product: Atrium Legal tech and law firm startup Atrium shut down in Marchfollowing an unsuccessful pivot to a pure software offering in January.

    According to a Forbes investigation published in JulyScaleFactor used aggressive sales tactics and prioritized chasing capital instead of building software that ultimately fell far short of what it promised, according to interviews with 15 former employees and executives. When customers fled, executives tried to obscure the real damage. In a blog post, CEO Stefan Seltz-Axmacher outlined the reasons the company had failed, stating: Timing, more than anything else, is what I think is to blame for our unfortunate fate.

    Our approach, I still believe, was the right one but the space was too overwhelmed with the unmet promise of AI to focus on a practical solution. As those breakthroughs failed to appear, the downpour of investor interest became a drizzle. Essential Products Product: Essential Products Consumer hardware startup Essential closed down in Februaryfollowing the flop of its Essential Phone launched in and other unfinished projects.

    However, after a New York Times report revealed that Rubin had allegedly left Google due to sexual misconduct allegations, attention to the startup cooled. Sorabel Product: Sorabel Fashion e-commerce startup Sorabel was unable to weather the storm created by the Covid crisis, announcing plans to wind down operations in July as consumers avoided non-essential spending.

    Deal Street Asia reported, In a letter to Sorabel employees, the company said it had done its best to save the business but was left with no choice but to close down.

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