Raytech car tinted price

Raytech car tinted price

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  • Which window tinting to choose in Malaysia? V-KOOL, 3M, Hüper Optik, LLumar…

    This is because Toyota Vios tinting service is a practical and effective solution to reduce car interior temperature. Thus, the interior Vios will become cooler after having the window tinting protection layer. Generally, there are many tinting film selection for Toyota Vios. Thus, Vios owners can either select high grade 3M car tinted film or moderate grade tinted film.

    As a result, different Vios tinted film selection will generate different car tinted cost. Literally, some Vios owner will select 3M , Vkool or Raytech car tinted film because of the quantity assurance.

    On the other hand, some Vios owner will use moderate grade car tinting film to control the budget. Besides, some Vios owner are feeling good when selecting economic Toyota Vios tinting service. This is because several Vios owner wish to change the tinted film regularly. Thus, the Vios will has new tinted film and new window appearance after a short period of time.

    This is because car window tinted film can effectively reflect the UV light and also block UV light. Thus, the UV light and heat will not pass through the car window and transfer into the car interior. As a result, the interior space of the car will become cooler and comfortable. Furthermore, Vios owner like window tinted film because some tinted film has good anti-thief ability. This is because anti-thief car tinted film will increase the impact resistance of the car window.

    Thus, the car window will not break easily after having strong impact. Thus, the safety of the Vios driver and passenger will enhance significantly. In other words, car wrap solution is a relatively easy and practical method to transform the car exterior. This is because the car exterior will get a new look after wrapping by the car wrap film.

    Thus, Vios owner will either select chrome, satin matte or high gloss wrapping film for their car. As a result, the Vios exterior will become sport, unique and attractive. This is because car wrap solution require lower and lesser time compare to paint spray service. Furthermore, the car wrap sticker has more unique furnishing selection and color options. Thus, the Vios owner can customized the Vios exterior appearance with more flexibility.


    The extreme heats maybe too much for some especially for the elder person, children, pregnant women, sick men and much more. The extreme heat also affect the car lovers as for those who parked the car in the open parking area it will be extremely humid for them to enter the car and in some cases for some whom working in the morning shift, they will have difficulties to even touch the steering due to the heat in the car.

    In this situation, the car lovers will like to put the car tinted film on their car window to counter this situation. What is a tinted film? A tinted film is a thin film or laminate that made from polyester due to the nature that of it that can produce excellent clarity, tensile strength, stability and the flexibility to be fixed invariant situation. In some instance, the car distributor will also provide some discount for installing the tinted film for the car lovers who had purchased a brand-new car from the company.

    And to ensure a standard in the tinted film internationally they also have an association that is called as International Window Film Association that was founded in The tinted film is a most popular choice not only for the car but also the house and some company as it is one the least expensive way to reduce the heat effect. It is also had been upgraded to also provide safety and security as many of the modern-day cars tinted come with this as a standard.

    The tinted film also provides privacy, decoration, signage and branding, and protection from graffiti writing or drawing that had been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on the walls.

    The car tinted although simple as it is they are many choices based on the grades, shades, colors and also the thickness. Any drivers who violate this regulation will be fined heavily. Malaysia Road Transport Agency rules and regulation in installing the tinted film As the years goes by and the popularity of the car tinted soared come a tinted film that not only gave a UV protection but also safety and security purpose.

    This type of tinted is made from a polyester that can hold the glass together in a situation where the glass had been shattered.

    Like the normal tinted that have the association, they are also several associations for the safety and security film and they are the British Standard Institution, American National Standard Institute, European Committee for Standardization, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and General Service Administration for the European, United States and international respectively.

    An advertisement by ArmorCoat for their safety and security tinted film. Since they are several benefits what is the real important for the car lovers is choosing the right tinted film for their car.

    A less cheap tinted film may cost less but will not be effective in countering the UV. In our country, they are several reputable companies who is popular for the car tinted film such as V-Kool, RayTech, Sunguard, and 3M who had many years of experience in making the tinted film not only for the car but also the housing and company. Many of them selling their tinted film though a selected dealer and it important to get the best dealer who is honest, transparent and at some time provides the best prices.

    Another factor is the price. Although some tinted can be least expensive but it may not be excellent in blocking the heat. The best car tinted unfortunately will always be priced higher that may cost more than RM or above but in the long, term this will be the best choice as it will give the car lovers long lasting, good quality, better heat rejection and safety and security as most of the higher priced tinted film will come with the safety and security as a standard.

    The car tinted maybe just a small piece of the window film but it provides many benefits that will provide comfort and peace of mind for the car lovers. The car window tinted as we had seen in the article provides many benefits like privacy and in the modern-day car tinted provides safety and security from glass shattering. Currently, the present tinted film using a polyester but in the future, the tinted film can be made from Photochromic that had been used in the self-dimming spectacles, Smart Glass, and Photovoltaic PV that can convert the daylight to electricity.

    Like all the car product, spare parts, safety, accessories, and much more the car tinted film will also be upgraded to ensure it can achieve its purpose far better than the present-day car tinted film. For now, the car tinted film will be the best option to countering the heat transfer and UV in the car until someone found a better way.

    A car tinted film simply a simple piece of the flexible layer that provided the heat block in the least expensive way. It also can add some beautiful look to the car window and at some time provide the heat blocking that is much needed in this equinox time. Share this:.

    Toyota Vios Tinting Service And Car Wrap Solution Near Kuala Lumpur

    Contact us 30 What we do not is that many consumers tend to look for car tint with the highest infrared rejection IRR at the lowest possible price. Scotchshield Crystalline Security Series. The normal cost for a quality tint will range from RM to RM for an established auto film brand. Car tint color rate differs with its high quality.

    Tint Car Price Malaysia

    Tint Auto M Sdn Bhd is the authorized dealer in Malaysia for LLumar the worlds leading solar and security film offering a complete line of automotive window tint and architectural window films for home and commercial applications. Dont miss out on fantastic 3m Tint Price deals in Bari. According to market research more than 90 of car owners are using low-grade car tinting films. Kuala Lumpur Estimated Arrival working days.

    Car Tint Promo RM Efectiff Paint Protection Window Film. Window Film Window Tinting. Car window tint price harga in Malaysia - List of products for sale auction wtb or wts for our supplier seller. Thats because most consumers do not know how to differentiate low-grade films from quality ones.

    For applications based on safetysecurity purposes a service fee of RM50 will be charged for each application submitted. You will receive the ultimate in comfort while having cars interior protected from fading and discoloration. What matters to you were on it.

    Raytech Georgetown Tint Shop Review in Penang

    Best Tint Brand in Malaysia Solar Gard window film is the one products that starts working for you the minute its installed on your car home and office. If you are looking for Tint Car Price Malaysia you've reached the ideal location. To prevent that, it is crucial to carefully select a film that provides the protection you need.

    A basic quality tint will have UV protection and heat rejection features at the very least. Choose a trustworthy brand Companies can make claims about their products but how do you know which are accurate?

    This is where research would prove to be extremely useful. Brands like 3M auto films are recommended by the US skin cancer foundation, as they provide a total sun protection factor SPF of more than 1, — 30 times higher than top-grade sunscreens. By rejecting the radiation of UV light, auto films also help to protect the interior decoration of your vehicle from discolouring and cracking.

    Keep cool and reduce fuel consumption It is important to note that auto films alone are unable to entirely block out heat from the interior of a vehicle and this is because other parts of the vehicle also absorb heat. TSER is a term you will often see on the brochures of auto films. It is equivalent to the heat rejected by the film.

    The higher the number, the more heat is rejected which in turn will cool down your car at a faster rate. As a result, it reduces the need to blast your air conditioning and may subsequently reduce fuel consumption for some cars. Security and safety Besides protecting the occupants of a vehicle from harmful UV rays, auto films can also prevent your windows from shattering into tiny pieces during an impact.

    Security films can hold broken glass pieces together and keep it from flying airborne which may cause collateral damage when an accident or robbery happens. In Malaysia, where smash-and-grab cases are rampant, security films prove to be helpful as it makes it more difficult and time-consuming for the crime to take place. Note that security films are not designed to be impenetrable in case rescue operations need to take place.

    Warranty Besides looking at the specifications an auto film provides you, you should also check if they provide a warranty for it. Most quality products come with a warranty from the manufacturer which is fulfilled by authorised dealers.

    In cases where the film has a defect or starts peeling within the warranty period, you should be able to make a claim. This is also why it is important to only purchase auto films from legitimate authorised dealers. This is to ensure that you are still covered by the existing warranty even if that outlet is no longer in business.

    Llumar vs. 3M Tint

    You should also compare the length and coverage of the warranty as some brands provide a longer period to offer long term value. This is why it is recommended to go for a trusted brand that has a good history of performance quality and after sales service.

    Should I install metallised films? Metallised films are a popular type of auto film in the market due to its fairly affordable price and proven quality. It might sound like the ideal choice, but metallised films come with certain issues.

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