Clear lighting ielts general reading answers

Clear lighting ielts general reading answers

  • ( Update 2021) CAMBRIDGE IELTS 10 READING TEST 3 ANSWERS – Free Lesson
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  • ( Update 2021) CAMBRIDGE IELTS 10 READING TEST 3 ANSWERS – Free Lesson

    Then answer the questions below. Workplace Dismissals Before the dismissal If an employer wants to dismiss an employee, there is a process to be followed. Instances of minor misconduct and poor performance must first be addressed through some preliminary steps. Firstly, you should be given an improvement note. This will explain the problem, outline any necessary changes and offer some assistance in correcting the situation. Then, if your employer does not think your performance has improved, you may be given a written warning.

    The last step is called a final written warning which will inform you that you will be dismissed unless there are improvements in performance. If there is no improvement, your employer can begin the dismissal procedure. The dismissal procedure begins with a letter from the employer setting out the charges made against the employee. The employee will be invited to a meeting to discuss these accusations. If the employee denies the charges, he is given the opportunity to appear at a formal appeal hearing in front of a different manager.

    After this, a decision is made as to whether the employee will be let go or not. Dismissals Of the various types of dismissal, a fair dismissal is the best kind if an employer wants an employee out of the workplace.

    A fair dismissal is legally and contractually strong and it means all the necessary procedures have been correctly followed. Sometimes a dismissal is not considered to have taken place fairly. One of these types is wrongful dismissal and involves a breach of contract by the employer. This could involve dismissing an employee without notice or without following proper disciplinary and dismissal procedures. Another type, unfair dismissal, is when an employee is sacked without good cause. There is another kind of dismissal, known as constructive dismissal, which is slightly peculiar because the employee is not actually openly dismissed by the employer.

    In this case, the employee is forced into resigning by an employer who tries to make significant changes to the original contract. This could mean an employee might have to work night shifts after originally signing on for day work, or he could be made to work in dangerous conditions.

    Write your answers in boxes 22—23 on your answer sheet. If an employee receives a ………………….. If an employee does not accept the reasons for his dismissal, a …………………..

    Questions 24—28 Look at the following descriptions Questions 24—28 and the list of terms in the box below. Match each description with the correct term A—E.

    Write the appropriate letter A—E in boxes 24—28 on your answer sheet. An employee is asked to leave work straight away because he has done something really bad.

    An employee is pressured to leave his job unless he accepts conditions that are very different from those agreed to in the beginning. An employer gets rid of an employee without keeping to conditions in the contract. Section 3 Question Read the passage below and write the answers to the questions which follow in boxes on your answer sheet.

    The Shock of the Truth A. Throughout history, there have been instances in which people have been unwilling to accept new theories, despite startling evidences. This was certainly the case when Copernicus published his theory — that the earth was not the centre of the universe. Until the early 16th century, western thinkers believed the theory put forward by Ptolemy, an Egyptian living in Alexandria in about A.

    His theory, which was formulated by gathering and organizing the thoughts of the earlier thinkers, proposed that the universe was a closed space bounded by a spherical envelope beyond which there was nothing. The earth, according to Ptolemy, was a fixed and immobile mass, located at the centre of the universe. The sun and the stars revolved around it. The theory appealed to human nature. Someone making casual observations as they looked into the sky might come to a similar conclusion.

    It also fed the human ego. European astronomers were more inclined to save face. Students were taught using a book called The Sphere which had been written two hundred years previously. In short, astronomy failed to advance. In , however, Mikolaj Kopernik, more commonly known as Copernicus, made an assertion which shook the world.

    He proposed that the earth turned on its axis once per day, and travelled around the sun once per year. Even when he made his discovery, he was reluctant to make it public, knowing how much his shocking revelations would disturb the church. The natural world had been created for humans to exploit. Even the famous playwright William Shakespeare feared the new theory, pronouncing that it would destroy social order and bring chaos to the world.

    However, Copernicus never had to suffer at the hands of those who disagreed with his theories. He died just after the work was published in Two other Italian scientists of the time, Galileo and Bruno, agreed wholeheartedly with the Copernican theory.

    Bruno even dared to say that space was endless and contained many other suns, each with its own planets. For this, Bruno was sentenced to death by burning in Galileo, famous for his construction of the telescope, was forced to deny his belief in the Copernican theories. He escaped capital punishment, but was imprisoned for the rest of his life. This was the first, but certainly not the last time in which man would have to accept his position as a mere part of the universe, not at the centre of it.

    Questions 28 — 34 The text has nine paragraphs, A-I. Which paragraph contains the following information? Select the correct letters A-I, and write your answers on your answer sheet. How academics built on Copernican ideas An idea which is attractive to humans Out-dated teaching and defective research Scientists suffer for their beliefs Questions 35 — 40 Look at the following statements and the list of people A-I below. Match each statement with the correct person and write the appropriate letters A-I in boxes 35 on your answer sheet.

    List of People.

    IELTS, CAE and FCE Practice Tests

    Emergency procedures Revised July This applies to all persons on the school campus. In case of emergency e. Procedure for evacuation 1. Warning of an emergency evacuation will be marked by a number of short bell rings. In the event of a power failure. All class work will cease immediately.

    Students will leave their bags, books and other possessions where They are. Teachers will take the class rolls. Classes will vacate the premises using the nearest staircase. If these stairs are inaccessible, use the nearest alternative staircase. Do not use the lilts. Do not run. All support staff will do the same. The Marshalling Supervisor Ms Randall, will be wearing a red cap and she will he waiting there with the master timetable and staff list in her possession. Students assemble in the quad with their teacher at the time of evacuation.

    The teacher will do a head count and check the roll. Each teacher sends a student to the Supervisor to report whether all students have been accounted for. After checking, students will sit down in the event of rain or wet pavement they may remain standing.

    The Supervisor will inform the Office when all staff and students have been accounted for. All students, teaching stall and support personnel remain in the evacuation area until the All Clear signal is given.

    The All Clear will be a long bell ring or three blasts on the siren. Students will return to class in an orderly manner under teacher guidance. In the event of an emergency occurring during lunch or breaks, students are to assemble in their home-room groups in the quad and await their home-room teacher. Questions Complete the sentences below. Write your answers in boxes on sour answer sheet. In an emergency, a teacher will either phone the office or……………….

    The signal for evacuation will normally he several……………….. If possible, students should leave the building by the………………….. They then walk quickly to the…………………. Each class teacher will count up his or her students and mark………………. After the………………………everyone may return to class. If there is an emergency at lunchtime, students gather in the quad in………………and wait for their teacher.

    Read the text below and answer questions Community Education Short courses: Business Business basics Gain foundation knowledge for employment in an accounts position with bookkeeping and business basics through to intermediate level: suitable for anyone requiring knowledge from the ground up.

    Gain the public speaking experience that will empower you with better communication skills and confidence. Business Basics is appropriate for beginners.

    Bookkeeping has no practical component. Bookkeeping is intended for advanced students only. The New Enterprise Module can help your business become more profitable. Social Networking focuses on specific website to help your business succeed. The Communication class involves speaking in front of an audience.

    Section 2 Read the text below and answer questions Beneficial work practices for the keyboard operator A Sensible work practices are an important factor in the prevention of muscular fatigue: discomfort or pain in the arms, neck, hands or back: or eye strain which can be associated with constant or regular work at a keyboard and visual display unit VDU.

    B It is vital that the employer pays attention to the physical setting such as workplace design, the office environment, and placement of monitors as well as the organisation of the work and individual work habits.

    Operators must be able to recognise work-related health problems and be given the opportunity to participate in the management of these. Operators should take note of and follow the preventive measures outlined below. C The typist must be comfortably accommodated in a chair that is adjustable for height with a back rest that is also easily adjustable both for angle and height.

    The back rest and sitting ledge with a curved edge should preferably be cloth-covered to avoid excessive perspiration. D When the keyboard operator is working from a paper file or manuscript, it should be at the same distance from the eyes as the screen.

    The most convenient position can be found by using some sort of holder. Individual arrangement will vary according to whether the operator spends more time looking at the VDU or the paper — whichever the eyes are focused on for the majority of time should be put directly in front of the operator.

    E While keying, it is advisable to have frequent but short pauses of around thirty to sixty seconds to proofread. When doing this, relax your hands. After you have been keying for sixty minutes, you should have a ten minute change of activity. During this spell it is important that you do not remain seated but stand up or walk around.

    This period could be profitably used to do filing or collect and deliver documents. F Generally, the best position for a VDU is at right angles to the window. If this is not possible then glare from the window can be controlled by blinds, curtains or movable screens.

    Keep the face of the VDU vertical to avoid glare from overhead lighting. G Unsatisfactory work practices or working conditions may result in aches or pain.

    Symptoms should be reported to your supervisor early on so that the cause of the trouble can be corrected and the operator should seek medical attention. Questions The text has 7 sections A-G. List of headings i How can reflection problems be avoided? Section A.

    Hot Air Ballooning, Illegal Downloads – IELTS Reading Answers

    And because a longer day allows for longer feeding, it can also affect migration schedules. The problem, of course, is that migration, like most other aspects of bird behaviour, is a precisely timed biological behaviour. Leaving prematurely may mean reaching a destination too soon for nesting conditions to be right. Nesting sea turtles, which seek out dark beaches, find fewer and fewer of them to bury their eggs on. When the baby sea turtles emerge from the eggs, they gravitate toward the brighter, more reflective sea horizon but find themselves confused by artificial lighting behind the beach.

    In Florida alone, hatching losses number in the hundreds of thousands every year. Frogs and toads living on the side of major highways suffer nocturnal fight levels that are as much as a million times brighter than normal, disturbing nearly every aspect of their behaviour, including their night-time breeding choruses. It was once thought that light pollution only affected astronomers, who need to see the night sky in all its glorious clarity. And, in fact, some of the earliest mitsubishi canter turbo actuator efforts to control light pollution were made half a century ago to protect the view from Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.

    By now the effort to control light pollution has spread around the globe. More and more dues and even entire countries have committed themselves to reduce unwanted glare.

    Few people recognise nowadays that human beings are designed to function best in daylight. Most light pollution is caused by the direction of artificial lights rather than their intensity. By the city of London had such a large population, it was already causing light pollution. The fishermen of the South Atlantic are unaware of the light pollution they are causing.

    Shadows from the planet Venus are more difficult to see at certain times of the year. In some Swiss valleys, the total number of bats declined rapidly after the introduction of streetlights.

    The first attempts to limit light pollution were carried out to help those studying the stars. Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. The worst-affected birds are those which are seabirds 8………….

    Early migration may mean the 11……………. Frogs and toads If they are near 13………. Reading Passage 2 Is there a psychologist in the building? The space around us affects us profoundly — rebuilding of one south London school as a striking emotionally, behaviorally, cognitively. In Britain, that example of how building design can affect human space is changing at a pace not seen for a generation. But is anyone listening? Spencer recalls a recent talk he gave in which he called on fellow researchers to make a greater effort to communicate their findings to architects and planners.

    But there are models of how to apply environmental psychology to real problems if you know where to look Professor Frances Kuo is an example. Frances Kuo and her co-researcher William Sullivan believe that greenery reduces crime — so long as visibility is preserved — because it reduces aggression, brings local residents together outdoors, and the conspicuous presence of people deters criminals.

    Uzzell has been involved in a pioneering project between M. Jim and Meg Oaks welcome you to the campsite. We hope you will enjoy your stay here. We ask all campers to show due care and consideration whilst staying here and to observe the following camp rules. Keep cars, bikes, etc.

    Owners of dogs that disturb other campers by barking through the night will be asked to leave. There is plenty of room for ball games in the park opposite the campsite. The management reserves the right to refuse admittance. Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text? The campsite is open all year round. You should book ahead for the busier times of the year.

    The minimum stay at the campsite is two nights. The entrance to the campsite is locked after 10 p. No dogs are allowed on the campsite. You are not allowed to cook food on open fires. The owners of the campsite may not allow you to camp there. Section 2: Question Read the text below and answers to the questions on your answer sheet. The law on minimum pay Who is entitled to minimum pay? Nearly all workers aged 16 years and over, including part-time workers, are entitled to the National Minimum Wage.

    Amongst those to whom it does not apply are those engaged in unpaid work and family members employed by the family business. What is the minimum wage that I am entitled to?

    The National Wage Act specifies the minimum rates of pay applicable nationwide. There are special provisions for some workers, for example, those whose job includes accommodation.

    Pay means gross pay and includes any items paid through the payroll such as overtime, bonus payments, commission and tips and gratuities. How can I complain? This is a clear legal right, and employers can be fined for not paying the NMW. Your employer is required to produce the records within 14 days, and must make them available at your place of work or at some other reasonable place.

    If your employer fails to produce the records, you may take the matter to an employment tribunal. You must make your complaint within three months of the ending of the day notice period. Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. There are different rules for people who are provided with …………………… with their jobs. If you earn extra money, for example, for working longer hours or in tips, this counts as part of your wage when you receive it via …………………….

    Anyone being paid below the National Minimum Wage should speak to their …………………… if they can. You have a period of …………………… to complain if your boss does not co-operate within the specified period of time. It offers many benefits and, if used well, can be an excellent tool for improving your own efficiency. Managed badly, though, email can be a waste of valuable time. Statistics indicate that office workers need to wade through an average of more than 30 emails a day.

    Despite your best efforts, unsolicited email or spam can clutter up the most organised inbox and infect your computer system with viruses. Here we give you guidance on protecting yourself. Prioritising incoming messages If you are regularly faced with a large volume of incoming messages, you need to prioritise your inbox to identify which emails are really important. If it is obvious spam, it can be deleted without reading.

    Were you expecting or hoping to hear from the sender? How quickly do they expect you to respond? Is the subject urgent? Is it about an issue that falls within your sphere of responsibility, or should it just be forwarded to someone else? Check the message time. An initial scan like this can help you identify the emails that require your prompt attention.

    True False Not Given: IELTS Reading Practice Lessons

    The others can be kept for reading at a more convenient time. Replying in stages Having prioritised your emails, you can answer them in stages, first with a brief acknowledgement and then a more detailed follow-up.

    Section 3: Question Read the text below and answers questions on your answer sheet. It was the first cast-iron bridge to be successfully erected, and the first large cast-iron structure of the industrial age in Europe, although the Chinese were expert iron-casters many centuries earlier.

    The River Severn, which starts its life on the Welsh mountains and eventually enters the sea between Cardiff and Bristol, is the longest navigable river in Britain.

    It was ideal for transportation purposes, and special boats were built to navigate the waters. By the middle of the eighteenth century, the Severn was one of the busiest rivers in Europe. Local goods, including coal, iron products, wool, grain and cider, were sent by the river.

    IELTS General Training Reading Practice Test 3 – Section 3

    Among the goods coming upstream were luxuries such as sugar, tea, coffee and wine. In places, the riverbanks were lined with wharves and the river was often crowded with boats loading or unloading. C InBasil Brooke patented a steel-making process and built a furnace at Coalbrookdale. This later became the property of Abraham Darby referred to as Abraham Darby I to distinguish him from his son and grandson of the same name.

    After serving an apprenticeship in Birmingham, Darby had started a business in Bristol, but he moved to Coalbrookdale in with an idea that coke derived from coal could provide a more economical alternative to charcoal as a fuel for ironmaking. This led to cheaper, more efficient ironmaking from the abundant supplies of coal, iron and limestone in the area. D His son, Abraham Darby II, pioneered the manufacture of cast iron, and had the idea of building a bridge over the Severn, as ferrying stores of all kinds across the river, particularly the large quantities of fuel for the furnaces at Coalbrookdale and other surrounding ironworks, involved considerable expense and delay.

    However, it was his son Abraham Darby III born in who, inorganised a meeting to plan the building of a bridge.

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