Venus in 8th house synastry reddit

Venus in 8th house synastry reddit

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  • Venus in the 8th House Synastry – A Complete Guide
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  • Effects of Sun in 8th House in Horoscope

    In astrology, Mars represents boldness, energy, passion and aggression. When Mars occupies the 8th house, it suggests an individual who is formidable in the strength of their drive and desire for control. The 8th house is enhanced by the martial energy of Mars.

    Here, the influence of Mars serves to intensify and empower the affairs and functions of the 8th house with more determination and forcefulness. Moreover, whatever zodiac sign happens to reside in this house, Mars will enhance with extra energy and power in how it is expressed.

    People with this placement are naturally inclined to exercise control through direct and indirect means be it through psychological manipulation or physical force. Mars is at home in the eighth house being its planetary ruler corresponding with Scorpio. The 8th house is the house of death and debt among other things. Where the 2nd house is concerned with personal possessions and money, the 8th house is associated with the possessions and belongings of others.

    Furthermore, Mars in the 8th house engenders a stronger more intense desire to acquire control over resources and be in a position in where others are dependent on them and not the other way around. People with Mars in their 8th house are likely to have a certain sense of entitlement that compels them to be somewhat imperialistic in nature. They can be very intense and driven to extremes with an all-or-nothing type of attitude.

    Mars provides catalytic energy that facilitates the transformative focus within the 8th house. Individuals who have Mars in house 8 are therefore inclined to undergo radical changes and transformations at certain points in their lives. They are driven by passion and an inner need to internalize, absorb and transform themselves in order to evolve and gain mastery. Their response to tragedy and loss is likely to be characterized by strength and resilience. They possess an almost indomitable resolve to survive and overcome adversity and misfortunes that could cause emotional ruin to other people.

    Mars in the 8th house bolsters the will to persevere despite the odds and unfavorable circumstances. Mars in the 8th house may illicit a desire to become stronger and self sufficient. Much like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, Mars stimulates the desire to become a bigger, stronger more powerful version of oneself, both mentally and physically.

    However, the means by which this is accomplished can sometimes be criminal in nature or involve the use of force and aggression. They can be ruthless in their ability to sever ties with people they no longer want in their lives.

    When they burn bridges with someone, it is often done with no regrets or desire to ever restore it or make amends. Mars in the 8th house engenders a martial mindset that recognizes the power of the mind over matter. People with this placement may have a forceful nature a powerful inner strength that allows them to to be death-defyingly bold. With Mars in house 8, there is likely to be money inherited through violent means such as an insurance payout involving accidents or divorce settlements and lawsuits.

    There may be a proclivity for getting oneself into legal trouble and being forced to pay up or cash in to their own benefit. Mars in the 8th house is disposed to making decisions that may later be regretted. The strength of their impulses can lead such individuals to be extreme and sometimes self-destructive. At times, it can seem as though they have a death wish and disposed to subjecting themselves to hazardous perils as a means of testing their mortality or achieving some kind of transformative spiritual experience.

    Accidents, injuries and deaths caused by reckless or imprudent behavior are likely to take place around people with this placement. On the other hand, you are apt to develop certain wisdom and insight from what you witness and experience.

    Others may be in awe of the things that you have witnessed and courageously experienced first hand. Death in some form or another is likely even if it is in the figurative sense. This can be a time for radical change on a spiritually and emotionally profound level. There is a desire to evolve or make special gains and ascend to something more than what you are present.

    There may be power struggles and oppositional dynamics at play that result in conflict and competition for resources. This may be a tumultuous period for lawsuits and contentious litigations especially those involving divorce and irreconcilable differences between lovers. During this time there is an inclination to push ahead despite the difficulties and tragedies that can occur. Now is a time to make changes, transcend, reinvent, face your fears and go conquer the world.

    Venus in the 8th House Synastry – A Complete Guide

    Responses What a wonderfully informative post! No children yet. By: nray on February 7, at am capricorn on the 5th and moon in aquarius just short of conjunction to the 6th by less than a degree. Btw, I had 5 grandsons 2 from eldest and three from youngest before having a grand-daughter. With both girls 5th house Aries cusp I have a total of 7 grandsons.

    And only two grand-daughters. I have a Taurus 5th house cusp and have two daughters, no sons. My mother has Uranus in the fifth with Pisces on the cusp.

    By: VT on February 7, at am Reply A transit to a house is like background music Uranus would bring a restlessness and growing desire for a big change, a fresh start until the transiting planet actually aspects a natal planet or angle like the Asc or MH. She was a prodigy of delight until she became defiant at age 10, and parlayed that into destructive behavior that came close to destroying herself and breaking me.

    At 21 now, I have had to distance myself and leave her in the care of her father. In this phrase, I think the moral is that Fortune is fickle, not to be trusted with things you care about. I thought it might be a description of Saturn applying to Jupiter in Cap or something… or a general principal of conjunctions and applying aspects By: kim on December 19, at am Not what I had in mind. A figure of speech, only, and apparently not an apt one.

    It is just-so-gosh-darn-accurate. My example is a bit sad. My chart has Saturn in Scorpio in my 5th house… and it squares Pluto. My 1st son is very Scorpio. Tragically he aquired a severe mental illness as he became an adult. It is all there, in my chart. I realize now that Saturn was criss-crossing over my Ascendant during the 9 month period in which he was conceived, and born.

    He is 35 now and I have nothing but admiration for his courage and strength. By: VT on February 7, at am As for the derivative question: It works in my chart, in theory.

    Saturn is in my 5th and ruling my 7th. The 2nd child is not a Capricorn, but the Saturn discribes my relationship with him. My first child is a Cancer and my 5th house is ruled by the moon. Saturn conjunct Mars in Cancer. Saturn sit on the 5th and Mars in the 6th.

    My second and only living grandchild was born in I was given very limited access to her. I thought this was because of the terrible car accident my son had that took the life of my first grand daughther Dec 31, was the last time I saw my then 3 yr old grand daughter at that time Uranus was trine, Saturn sextile and Neptiune quincunx.

    I send love to my grand daughter but these aspects looks like more pain coming. My family consist of me being Capricorn Sun with a total of 6 cardinal planets My Daughter with Libra Sun with 4 cardinal planets and my son Cancer Sun with 5 cardinal planets.

    So we are a very cardinal family. With Saturn in the 5th I had my children in my twenties and no real birth problems but did also have 2 miscarriages. Adrienne By: Adrienne on February 7, at am Reply I have Capricorn on the cusp of the 5th with Saturn in the 1st and no desire whatsoever to become a mother. That way we get to hand-pick one another and both be sure that we like each other.

    I guess one should never doubt his intuition! It seems like half the people who have responded have chosen to be childless. I am one of them. The 5th house also has a lot of other meanings—like romance, creativity, and leisure activities—and I have already blocked out an article on those meanings. I originally planned to include them all in this one. Donna By: Donna Cunningham on February 8, at am Point well taken, parenthood is a matter of choice- most of the times.

    Donna By: Donna Cunningham on February 9, at am I have a very small 5th house Aries cusp , and no children — nor have I ever wanted any.

    But interesting about planet ruling family. In my family we have one Scorpio Sun, and three perhaps 4 Scorpio Asc, so Pluto is definitely up there, carrying a torch! By: Natalie on February 7, at am Let me know about those transits, Natalie. My first childrens book was published fall , 2n fall , 3rd fall , and the last two days ago. I think this migh reflect the fact that I am writing these books more for the money than for anything else. Pluto has been travelling through my 2nd house all this time I have a big 2nd house.

    And, yes, what we do under transits to the 2nd is more for the money than anything else. Neptune makes a trine to Venus in Leo in my 1H. Food for thought is good. I have no kids and never wanted any although I do love kids. I am the person kids gravitiate to in public places. I seem to be more a teacher-type figure to them.

    Not for me. Too confining! I was an only child. As far as signs running through my family: Cancer, Uranus, Virgo and Pluto! I have three planets, including the Moon, in Cancer. My mother, her two sisters and their mother all had Moon in Cancer! We all have had Uranus aspects to the Moon. Have you ever heard about the research done by Carl Jung, the famous analyst, on compatibility?

    His wife and daughter were astrologers, so he often used the charts of his patients. Anyway, he did a research study on long and happy marriages. Prior to this research, traditional astrology had determined that a correspondence signifying marriage was usually indicated in a relationship of the Sun and Moon.

    This usually appeared when a comparison was made of the horoscope charts of spouses. Jung complied astrological data which he used to complete a statistical study concerning married couples.

    Nearly marriages and approximately 1, horoscopes were included in his experiment. The results proved statistically that the correlations in the study corresponded with astrological expectations.

    Aside from the astroid Ixion, I have no planets there with 29o Virgo on the cusp, ruler, Mercury. However the 6th house cusp is 12 Scorpio, so all of Venus ruled Libra is contained in the 5th, ruler of my 13o Taurus Sun, and 12th house. Yes both my kids had Libra Asc. Son was a Libra Sun as well and did take after his Father. And now with St aturn passing through 5th house once again, am going to teach Art to kids…….

    With Libra there and Scorpio intercepted, that 5th house is huge 42 degrees wide. The major effect of an interception like that is that when a transiting planet gets into that house, it stays there a lot longer than a regular house. The essence of the 5th House to me is learning to give our-Self with love and confidence.

    Saturn at best is an excellent instructor. Venus-Libra are all about designing… Good luck with your venture. By: pdw on February 7, at pm Reply My heart goes out to you Skywriters who have had such sensitive and sobering 5th House experience.

    The relationship I have been contemplating lately, as a parent, is the connection between our children and our hopes and wishes for them and us , that is, our 5thth Houses, their rulers in aspect, etc.

    By: pdw on February 7, at am Reply Great insight, pdw! OR — occassionally, we do do it for you Neptune ,but then we give you hell for having to do that Uranus Talk about guilt trips on free spirits! But I think what really-really brings them together is Pluto and Venus- also strong in our charts!

    Her kinda problem was being too fertile! The other funny piece of that is my Jupiter is on her ascendant an in my 9th house. By: kristy on February 7, at am Reply Sag on 5th house cusp with Moon in Capricorn therein.

    Ruler of 5th JU in 3rd at 1 Scorpio. Never wanted children, but got pregnant by surprise at Had a Scorpio son he has a Cancer Moon. His dad is heavy in the Virgo Department, and son has a stellium in the 6th.

    Son is wonderful now After having him, I wished I had more but only if they could be like him. Always thought maybe someday we might go into business together. Unfortunately, he seems unable to commit. Hmmnn I have a Pluto transit that will hit that moon in Very scared.

    Venus Synastry in the Houses

    Venus in 8th House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality

    The house person will thoroughly enjoy holding the attention of Venus. You may enjoy playing games together very much. As the 5th house is rules by Leo, a Fixed sign, these intense yet positive feelings are likely to last!

    Venus in the 6th House: I also consider this placement to be a good one for the long-term; even if not traditionally romantic. The house person will feel deeply appreciated for what the Venus person does for them daily. Loving each other, day by day, may come easier to this couple than most. The two may share common interests when it comes to daily routines, health, exercise; and may even work together in a professional way.

    It may be easier for these two to partake in the less savory aspects of daily life—doing laundry, cooking, and the like. They may both encourage each other to release their bad habits and work towards more healthy alternatives. Just be mindful not to nag on your partner too much. If roadblocks arise in the relationship which they always doit will seem as if the Venus person knows exactly what to say in order to ease the house person.

    How To Heat Up Your Sex Life Using Your 8th House in Astrology

    How Venus handles conNflicts within the relationship is very attractive to the house person. Where one partner is weak, the other is strong. When one is tired, the other picks up the slack. If the individuals are looking for a deep, emotional, and sexual connection with their significant other, this placement definitely supports that.

    Subjects such as sex, death, the occult, and other taboo subjects will be easier to talk about. They are likely to share secrets with one another. As the 8th house also rules joint resources, the Venus person may bring some or a lot of that to the table! They may both consider the relationship to be deeply intense, complex, and all-consuming. Venus in the 9th House: Those with this Synastry overlay will feel a certain affinity with each other when it comes to personal philosophies, outlooks, or viewpoints in life.

    Venus may act as an adviser, teacher, or spiritual counselor to the house person. The Venus person may inspire the house person to become more involved in travel or learning. In fact, participating in 9th house-related themes will serve to bring the two closer together.

    They may enjoy discussing different philosophies in life, and big, worldly topics, in general. There may be a mutual interest in helping humanity or performing humanitarian-type deeds. Venus in the 10th House: Those with Venus in the 10th overlay may find it easier to put work before play in the relationship.

    The Venus person may see the house person as someone who can help them climb the ladder to professional success.

    The house person may provide certain qualities in the relationship that the Venus person is lacking—a certain creativity, imagination, or anything else that can be used to further professional success. The house person may see the Venus person as embodying the professional or public face that they aspire to. They can treat the Venus person like gold because of this. There is also a mutual interest in being in the public eye. The only danger here is that of putting too much importance on your status as a couple or professionally.

    Venus in the 11th House: I believe this to be an overall favorable aspect. Because one of the most important things, if not most important in any relationship, is the friendship between the two of you. It also indicates inheritance or fortunate legacy to raise your monetary standards. This is the house of physical intimacy and profound attraction. Venus In 8th House In Natal Chart — Meaning People with Venus in the 8th house in their charts may encounter secrets, mystery, and fear of losing their love.

    Those who govern Venus in the 8th house are irresistibly attractive and mysterious. Their fantasy towards practicing secret knowledge sometimes offends their partner and becomes a reason for ruining the beauty of their relationship. They are incredibly possessive in their romantic companionship and attachments. The ill placement of Venus in the natal chart can lure people to toxic relationships. The obsessively attached people to someone often suffer a lot and face some hurtful experiences.

    Their extreme behavior results in pain. Until they realize this thing, they keep on experiencing pain the same way. It might also transform them and lead them to form long-term relationships that indicate their emotional well-being. The combination of Venus and the 8th house is neither easy nor pleasant.

    It displays traumatic love experiences. It also changes their beliefs, harbors their anger, jealousy, and desire to take revenge to make them realize how their altered personalities can help them for their betterment.

    Mars in the 8th House – Survival Instinct & Powerful Libido

    The advice for people with their Venus in the 8th house is to accept the change to live a love life of their dreams. They should understand that physical attraction is not the only thing for a blissful relationship. Venus In 8th House In Synastry — Meaning Venus, in the 8th house in synastry, reveals a bitter relationship between partners. Despite their great physical attraction towards each other, the Venus person often feels saturated with mystery and attraction of the 8th house.

    The element of secrecy makes their relationship intense and glamorous. Their association may lead them to wounds and heartbreaks that will eventually encourage Venus to bring forth its positive impact and healing effect. The possessive relationship, in some cases, also invites jealousy and betrayal between partners.

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