Obs media source timer

Obs media source timer

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  • OBS Sources
  • How To Stream Pre-Recorded Videos On Twitch

    There are tons of screen recorders available for Linux. But when it comes to supporting Wayland , almost all of them do not work. This is problematic because many new distribution releases are switching to Wayland display manager by default once again. And if something as basic as a screen recorder does not work, it leaves a bad experience. There is another tool called Kooha but it keeps on displaying a timer on the screen.

    Switching between Xorg and Wayland just for screen recording is not very convenient. It is already included in Ubuntu For Fedora, Arch and other distributions, please check your package manager or unofficial repositories for installing the latest version of OBS Studio. Step 2: Check if Wayland capture is working Please make sure that you are using Wayland. Now start OBS Studio and go through all the stuff it shows on the first run.

    I am not going to show that. The main step is to add Pipewire as a screen capture source. Do you see PipeWire option in the screen sources? If the answer is no, quit OBS Studio. This is normal. There is a fix for that. Ignore them. Try to add screen capture once again. You should see the PipeWire option now. Select PipeWire as the source and then it asks you to choose a display screen. Select it and click on the Share button. Now it should show your screen recursively infinite number of times.

    If you see that, you could start recording the screen in Wayland now. Step 3: Make changes permanent That was good. You just verified that you can record your screen on Wayland. But setting the environment variable and starting OBS from the terminal each time is not convenient.

    Now OBS will automatically start using this parameter and you can use it to record your screen in Wayland. If you notice some applications stopped working after this change, revert it please. I hope you find this quick tip helpful. If you still have questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comment section.

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    OBS Tutorial: Tour of OBS

    Sources for the Quest Scene Sources for the Main Scene Audio Mixer The audio mixer allows you to control any audio that can be heard on the selected scene. You can increase or decrease the volume. If you select the Advanced Audio Properties in the gear menu, you can further fine tune the audio output. Scene Transitions Scene transitions can add the extra flair when switching scenes. You can use the built in or add custom stringers. Controls You have all of your scenes setup with sources.

    The audio is mixed just right. Time to show the world. The studio mode and settings are also options. On the bottom of the window is the status bar.

    It will show yo the health of your output. You can use the numbers to help fine tune audio and video output if needed based on your computer specs. Live Version. I am using a StreamElements custom plugin.

    View Allows you to customize how OBS looks. Tools Tools is for more for advanced use, however, the Auto-Configuration Wizard will help you get the audio and video settings pretty close to match your computer specs.

    Profile Profile allows you to set up different output setups. You might have one profile for Twitch and another profile for recording for YouTube. Scene Collection You are able to group your scenes. Settings Every profile will have settings. Setting is the place to set what platform you want to stream too, the quality of the stream, hotkeys for switching scenes, and much, much more. OBS is very powerful and can do about anything you would like.

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    Screen Recording in Linux With OBS and Wayland

    Added an option in general settings that allows you to transition to a scene in studio mode simply by double-clicking on it. This also applies to the multiview projector.

    Added separate projectors for both preview and program views in studio mode. Changed the default program theme to dark mode for new users.

    How to Use OBS Automatic Scene Switcher

    This was changed because the wording "Multi-adapter Compatibility" was a bit vague, and users are not typically aware of the potential performance impact when using the option. Fixed a bug with studio mode where scenes that are set to fully duplicate would not retain their filters.

    Save and share:. If your audio sounds unclear, people won't stick by your stream to listen to what you have to say. Although OBS Studio does include some audio filters, you can find others as plugins. One place you can find free VST plugins is Reaper.

    OBS Chapter 5: Hotkeys, More Sources, and Resources

    In most cases, you will want to download the bit version of the software. It gives you quick access to all your StreamElements tools. You can use the plugin to add your activity feed and stream chat seamlessly into your OBS console. It includes Replay, Ship, and Mute alerts, giving you extended control over how and when you display your alerts.

    StreamElements puts everything possible into one single browser source. Live plugin, is to create a custom bot name. You can use it to display a custom name or your broadcasting name.

    OBS Sources

    Select Create New, and give it a name — FaceTime. About two-thirds of the way down that window is a pop-up menu showing every window currently open on your Mac with the name of the app and the window name.

    Some windows may not have names associated with them. Click OK. As mentioned, ANY window can be used as a source. One thing you might notice is that if you have both music and voices coming into your feed at the same time, a talking voice sometimes drowns out the music or the tune makes the voice unintelligible. An inexpensive audio mixer for use in live-streaming, the Behringer QUSB An example of when a mixer can be useful happened in my life recently.

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