Who is berlin in money heist

Who is berlin in money heist

  • 13 Times Berlin Was Secretly Your Favorite Character In ‘Money Heist'
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  • Money Heist 5 will likely be ‘an epic war film’, reveals Berlin aka actor Pedro Alonso
  • ‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Here are the reasons we think Berlin is alive
  • Money Heist 5: The Professor, Berlin sad about its finale? ‘I’m freaking out a little’
  • 13 Times Berlin Was Secretly Your Favorite Character In ‘Money Heist'

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    An unexpected surge of viewership followed, which elevated the series to the worldwide phenomenon it is today. By , the Spanish heist drama, also known as La Casa de Papel, was the most-watched non-English-language series, as well as one of the most-watched series ever on Netflix.

    Similarly, Alonso acknowledges the bold and masterful ambition of the series, as well as the writers and creatives in charge of it. If you need a quick recap of the series so far, know that our favourite heist crew has been stuck in the Bank of Spain for over hours, and the situation looks bleak. Of course, we had to ask Alonso why Berlin, and his fine, complex villainy if you will, is so appealing to audiences that the showrunners had to have him return.

    Each second of his life, with a kind of integrity. Immoral, indecent, no good in many aspects, but really integrated in his way of life. They are not happy, never, nothing is enough for them! The show started as a story with a lot of action, then we had romance, and they even made it more like a thriller. At the same time, it connects all the pieces from the past seasons, so we can understand how things happened in that order.

    I paint all the time. When I prepare for roles, I paint. No, this is not good! I think that Berlin is someone who accepts all his contradictions, all his shadows, all his light, with a kind of brutal intensity.

    Most people, including me, would disassociate from that. He has a kind of impossible sense of humour, that the worst situations feel like the best moments of your life. We received mountains of love from all over the world, so we tried to do our best for this one. Has that changed how you approach the scenes? I knew that I was going to die only one week before I had to play the role. I was in shock. But 24 hours after that, I thought it was great.

    The writers are really good at intuitively knowing what to add and take away from the show. All accidents are good news. Oh, is this going to happen? This for me was an invitation to play and have fun with the character. Given that context, what has been the hardest scene to shoot so far? This should give you an idea of the level of ambition and excellence that the crew has set for themselves.

    Volume 2 will be released on 3 December

    Money Heist 5 will likely be ‘an epic war film’, reveals Berlin aka actor Pedro Alonso

    He has to take his medication, Retroxil, to control the symptoms. This causes Berlin to lash out at the other robbers who he believes are responsible for the situation. He also gets romantically involved with one of the bravest hostages in Money HeistAriadna Cascales. Their twisted relationship has an obvious imbalance of power, with Ariadna only staying with Berlin to increase her chances of surviving. Season 2 Berlin slowly loses control of the gang in season 2, as the hot-headed Tokyo starts defying his orders.

    The tensions between the crew reach a breaking point when no one is able to reach the Professor, which prompts Tokyo and a few other robbers to overthrow Berlin. Tokyo even goes as far as smashing up his Retroxil, which makes it hard for Berlin to control his symptoms.

    In the midst of all this chaos, his relationship with Ariadna continues to develop, with Berlin holding on to his delusion of marrying her someday despite his terminal illness. When he tried to peek through his blindfold, one would expect the robbers to get angry but Berlin is never what you expect.

    His encounter with Arturo is my favorite of all times. The time when Berlin from Money Heist talked about his heartbreak.

    ‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Here are the reasons we think Berlin is alive

    Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love. The time Berlin almost shoots Denver because his integrity is greater than anything in the world Source: Vancouver Media After finding out that Berlin is an egocentric narcissist with delusions of grandeur, the police adds some spice to make it to the news.

    Berlin is moved to the core when he sees the news channels accusing him of trafficking women and raping minors. I have a reputation to maintain. This twist was by far the one that made me fall in love with him even more.

    He is one of the most popular characters in the show, and his death left the fans in shock. Here is what you need to know about it. When Did Berlin Die? Berlin is killed in the final episode of season 2.

    Money Heist 5: The Professor, Berlin sad about its finale? ‘I’m freaking out a little’

    During the heist, Berlin seems to regard both his fellow robbers and hostages as inferior. As a result, he develops antagonistic relationships with several people in the Mint, including Nairobi. Fiercely independent, compassionate, and gifted with natural leadership qualities, Nairobi overthrows Berlin at one point during the heist, though he regains control later.

    Berlin also gets involved with one of the hostages, Ariadna Cascales.

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