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  • Bradley Airport urges travelers to contact airlines due to inclement weather travel advisory
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  • News 8 WTNH – Halloween Chocolate Cake
  • WATCH LIVE: WTNH (News 8) in Connecticut

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    These photos capture part of the experience of making my granola. A link to the show spot appears at the end of this article. My thanks to Otis Library for this nice opportunity and to Connecticut Style for being just wonderful during the taping and for granting permission for my use of the photos taken of the airing. My WTNH contact suggested a vase a flowers. What a great idea! The prep for this appearance was truly a project.

    All guests bring whatever they need to demonstrate a recipe. Until the day of the taping, I did not know how many takes they would do, so I even brought one round of duplicate ingredients, in case. Once a project manager… The taping process of the three spots that would air on this particular half-hour show seemed chaotic to me, but was routine to the host and crew, who all made me feel comfortable and provided just the right amount of coaching along the way.

    The taping process reminded me of chunking in project management. Iterative filming of my spot began with the segment intro, the actual interview and demo, and then the wrap of serving and informal chat gave me little breaks.

    The crew filmed the three spots over a span of about two hours. Many moving parts… I was impressed, though an exhausting experience for me to watch the other guest being filmed and suddenly find I was next.

    A few things helped me stay with the frenetic pace. Besides being well prepared with my recipe, the ingredients, supplies, and props, the single greatest step I took in advance was to be well hydrated. Besides the obvious stamina benefits, I was amazed how many wrinkles and small lines smoothed out prior to filming!

    Then, they asked me to look at the camera and give a wave. That was easy! They panned back to it many times during the spot. Jocelyn, the host, began the interview by asking me about Norwich, the Otis Library, and the new cookbook assembled by the Friends of the Library. It is a beautifully designed cookbook, with recipes contributed by the staff, the Friends, the community, authors, and chefs.

    Then, we proceeded with the recipe demonstration. Oatmeal is the core ingredient of the granola. To view the rest of the demo and the recipe, click on the show link at the end of this article. Here is a closeup of the finished granola. The 5-minute spot flew by. Can you detect my relief? Here we are in the final moments of the 5-minute spot. Then, the show closed with everyone gathering at the kitchen counter. He was interviewed in the first spot on the show about how to pack your carry-on suitcase like a pro.

    They were the third spot of the show on JULY 9. The two did not waste any time joining us for a late breakfast snack! Then, I packed up plastic bags with granola for the host and crew to take home AND then got to the grueling task of repacking and schlepping my stuff to the car with the help of the WTNH crew. The cameraman told me the spot turned out great. I thought he might just be being nice, but…. The day of the airing I was pleasantly surprised how well the single take of my granola making demo spot turned out.

    After taking these pics, I sat down and enjoyed a dish of yogurt, granola, and fruit. It tasted even better than usual! If you would like to see the taped spot of how to make granola, click on this link. The recipe is published there as well.

    Bradley Airport urges travelers to contact airlines due to inclement weather travel advisory

    On a more personal note, I enjoyed working with her and her staff and felt I was included in every part of the process. The dedication, concern, and interest in me as a client was greatly appreciated, and Nina has earned my highest recommendation. I was fortunate to retain Josh Goodbaum as my legal counsel.

    His legal skills knowledge and professionalism shone through in every step of the process resulting in a very positive result. I highly recommend Josh if you find yourself in need of legal counsel.

    CMTA Hartford Boat Show Featured on WTNH CT Style

    Amanda DeMatteis was clear in describing my options and immediately set me at ease. Democrats in Albany have been protecting him for too long—time is up. The women who came forward are courageous, and they have been heard. As I stated months ago, the Governor should step down.

    WTNH - Find Remote Work From Home or Flexible Jobs

    No elected official is above the law. We continue to believe that the Governor should resign. Anything less is a dereliction of duty to the people of New York and to the women that the Governor harassed and violated.

    It is incumbent upon leaders to ensure that it does not persist when it is identified and the necessary actions are taken when it does. In March, as those allegations grew even more troubling, I called on him to do the right thing for the people of New York and resign. Cuomo continues to make a mockery of our rule of law and erodes public trust with each second he remains in office. I am calling on Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and all of my colleagues to do the right thing and swiftly move forward the resolution to impeach Gov.

    Andrew Cuomo. However, the Governor refuses to resign. Accordingly, I call upon the New York State Legislature to move swiftly to complete the impeachment process.

    Consumer Complaints

    This report into his shocking conduct further shows he is not able to continue as our top state official. There is no indication on the page that this is advertising. The page itself is framed by HHC ads, though the station does not disclose anywhere whether the actual content is bought and paid for. Compounding the indignity is that the WFSB shows are hosted by TV journalists who then ask friendly questions of the advertisers.

    News 8 WTNH – Halloween Chocolate Cake

    WVIT a. HHC has been relentless in other media as well, often taking out full-page ads in newspapers, including the Republican American, which I read every day. Find something better to write about.

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