Mercedes m102 turbo kit

Mercedes m102 turbo kit

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    A genuinely rare Autobahn charger anyone? Offered at the last Historic at Brooklands Auction March 12, and with and unsold, this fabulous Mercedes W is now offered as a private sale for Can you find many Autobahns monsters from the 90ies with more than bhp and Details of LoTec can be found on their website www.

    These conversions typically raised engine output to between and horsepower and, during the s, UK customers were able to buy new vehicles equipped with a Turbo Technics conversion directly from Mercedes-Benz dealer, Hughes of Beaconsfield, who produced a limited run of 75 conversions. Today turbocharger kits for MM engines are still available from later tuners in Europe and Asia.

    This Mercedes W variation was first registered in early and is accompanied by a copy of the original build sheet, registered to a Mr Fritz Kellermann of Rothenburg, Germany. Shortly after purchase, Mr Kellermann commissioned LoTec to fit a turbo charger to enhance the performance along with the necessary upgrades and re-mapping which raised the performance of this E to bhp at 0. Following the engine modification, Mr Kellermann took the car to the then independently owned AMG; the AMG package included body configuration and suspension upgrades, AMG split rim alloy wheels and also flared arches to comfortably house the new modifications.

    Whilst these upgrades were taking place, the owner fastidiously kept up with his annual Mercedes-Benz main dealer service schedule which he continued until he sold the car to his brother, Peter Kellermann in September Peter kept the car until adding another three service stamps before selling to a Mr Jurjew who kept the car predominantly garaged.

    Very few miles were then covered until its recent Mercedes-Benz service in May at 78,kms which also included fitting a new stainless steel exhaust system. The car was then sold to the new owner who had the car imported to the UK where he resided. This car presents in fantastic order throughout and is offered with the Sportline spec. Hughes have also confirmed that they are happy to keep servicing this car alongside the Turbo Technics examples in their Mercedes-Benz dealership.

    It was such a good buy that since I wrote this article the Mercedes has already been sold at the time I published it Correlati.

    Predictability Is Dead: The Turbo Mercedes 190

    So let us look into Mercedes M upgrades and outline the best modifications on this great engine and point out some problems along the way. The Mercedes M are good project engines and with the ultimate uprated upgrades like ECU maps, turbo improvements and camshafts you will improve your driving fun.

    This pages aim is look at M tuning and highlight the best modifications. The ultimate M upgrades on an engine are sensibly the ones that give the biggest return for your money.

    We won't be swayed by popular M upgrades, they need to be cost effective. Improving air intake on the M You need air matched to fuel for an engine to work. If there is a lack of fuel then it will run lean, if there is insufficient air it runs rich resulting in lost power.

    We'll pick up on fuelling later in this article but for now we shall look at air supply. So Forcing more air into each cylinder is the main goal to any performance tuning job. You'll see that 4 bar air sensors coping with quite large power gains, whereas the OEM air sensor sapped torque at a much lower level.

    Intake manifolds carry the air flow during the suck phase from the filter and allow it to be pulled into the engine cylinders with fuel for the squish phase.

    Design and flow characteristics of the Air Intake manifolds can make a substantial effect on to fuel atomisation on the M Most plenum chambers are ripe for motorsport parts, although a few OEM provide well optimised plenum chambers. Big valve conversions on the M, doing a bit of 3 or 5 angle valve jobs and porting and head flowing will also boost power, this will afford you an improved power increase on other tuning mods. M performance cam tips. Some M engines respond better to mild cam durations so view each engine as unique.

    The engine timing and injectors and fuel pump also will make differences on the bhp gains you'll make. A longer valve duration can alter the bhp band and on most engines the exhaust and intake durations do not need to match, although most cams and tuners use matched pairs there are some advantages to extending the intake or exhaust durations.

    Altering your M camshaft will make a dramatic difference to the engine bhp. Choosing a higher performance camshaft profile raises the bhp accordingly.

    NB: Fast road cams tend to increase the bhp and torque across the rpm band, you may sacrifice a little bottom end torque but your higher rpm power will be lifted. Race cams, increase the higher rpm power band but as a result the car will not idle smoothly and low end power nearly always suffers. In a daily driver you should ideally to match your bhp range to your preferences.

    You will never find a M Race cam is a pleasure to live with when driving around busy urban areas. The M engines are fantastic to work on and we see that there is a lot of mods and performance parts around. Mapping should help to unlock the full potential of all the parts you've done to your M Turbo modifications on the M To get a turbo working on a NASP engine there is a lot involved, from lowering compression ratio to improved fuel supply and mapping, so we have found a great guide to helpavoid the common pitfalls or end up with an unfinished project because you were not told what you were getting into by doing this on the M The more air you can get into an engine, the more fuel it can burn and uprating the induction with a turbocharger upgrade makes significant power gains.

    If a car has a turbocharger tuning parts are relatively easy and we find turbo engines are built with harder and stronger components. However you will find an engines will need better parts at higher power limits Research these limitations and fit better quality components to utilize the power.

    It's not unheard of people spending a fortune on turbo upgrades on the M only to suffer the indignity of watching the motor go up in smoke when it's finished. Large turbochargers commonly suffer no power at low rpm, and little turbochargers spool up really quickly but won't have the peak rpm engines power gains. Thanks to progress the range of turbo units is always moving on and we now see variable vane turbo units, where the vane angle is altered according to speed to lower lag and increase top end power.

    Twin scroll turbo units divert the exhaust flow into two channels and push these at differently profiled vanes in the turbo.

    They also help the scavenging effect of the engine. Beefing up the air intake by adding a supercharger or additional turbo will help you achieve very large bhp gains, although more difficult to install. We have this article on twincharging if you want to read more. It makes sense to over specify your flow rate on the injectors. Don't forget that different fuel grades will usually require different settings, a high octane fuel will burn more efficiently than lower octane fuel for example.

    A car will trim fuel supply to keep within the ideal air fuel mix but at the extreme ends you may need to adjust your injector capacity, or the mapping or you'll get flat spots and potential lean or rich fuel issues..

    Recommended M performance exhaust upgrades You may need to upgrade your exhaust system with an upgraded one is if the current exhaust is creating a flow problem.

    On most factory exhausts you'll find the flow rate is still ok even on modest power gains, but on a serious tuning project with a big boost in power you will certainly need to get a better flowing exhaust. Sports exhausts generally help improve air flow from the engine but avoid an exhaust that is too wide or you could will reduce the flow rate.

    Stick to one and a half to two and half inches as a rule of thumb. Usual exhaust restrictions are in the catalysts installed, so adding a freer flowing high performance alternative will help avoid this restriction.

    Catalyst removal NB:catalysts reduce harmful engine emissions is illegal in most countries and regions. Faults issues and things to look out for on the M Like most engines an M, should have few issues if it gets properly serviced and looked after. We cannot stress enough the need for oil changes with the correct grade of oil on the M, failure to do this will exacerbate engine wear, on a tuned M this is more important than ever and close attention should be paid to your maintenance schedule.

    If you are interested in learning more or getting impartial tuning advice for your M why not pop over to the forums at TorqueCars where you can chat about M tuning options and read about others projects who may be planning to do similar modifications on their M We need your help to complete and improve this page, so do give us your feedback in the comments box below.

    We want to know your experiences with tuning parts on your M, it helps us improve our tips and keeps us current so please use the comments box to drop a tip. This entry was posted under Makes and Models. Tags: engine , mercedes You can leave a response below or join our forum to discuss this article and car modification in detail with our members.

    If you liked this page please share it with your friends, drop a link to it in your favourite forum or use the bookmarking options to save it to your social media profile. Feedback Please use our forums if you wish to ask a tuning question, and please note we do not sell parts or services, we are just an online magazine. Help us improve, leave a suggestion or tip.

    ITB throttle body kit for Mercedes W201 190e M102 8v 1.8-2.3

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    Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 W201 twin-turbo

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    Mercedes-Benz W124 320 E LoTec Turbo – 1993

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    Member Benefits

    Part of thar emergence of other sources of economic expansion came from technological progress, such as disease-resistant wheat and refrigerated shipping. The development of these technologies also renewed large-scale foreign investment. That injection of foreign investment led to increases in construction, particularly in the private residential sector. The intake and exhaust durations will alter depending on the chosen cam profile, so large torque gains are on offer for cam upgrades.

    Fast road camshafts usually boost the torque through the rpm band, you could drop a little low end bhp but the top end will be lifted. Race camshafts, boost the top end band but as a result the car will not idle smoothly and low end power nearly always suffers. In a road car must carefully try to optimize your power band to your preferences.

    I'd be completely gobsmacked if you have found a M Competition cam is a pleasure to live with when driving around busy urban areas. This is because a competition cam causes a very lumpy idle, and makes the car more prone to stall or jerk along in stop start traffic, sadly though many ignore this and end up ruining a perfectly good car and having to revert back to a fast road, or OEM cam profile. Each engine responds better to more or less aggressive cam durations than others.

    The ECU mapping and fuel pump and injectors also will say much on the power gains you'll make. Extending exhaust or intake durations can alter the power band and on most engines the exhaust and intake durations do not need to match, although most cams and tuners use matched pairs there are some advantages to extending the intake or exhaust durations.

    Carefully think through your options and then buy your modifications and set yourself a power target to avoid costly mistakes. A remap will help fully realize the full potential of all the mods you've done to your M In some cases, as the factory ECU is locked flashing is not an option, so an aftermarket ECU is the route to take, and many of these will outperform factory ECU's but make sure it has knock protection and that you get it setup properly.

    It is the main goal to any tuning task to feed fuel and air into your M Intake headers transmit the air during the suck phase from the intake filter and allow it to be fed into the engine and mixed with fuel. The bore size, shape and flow rate of the Intake can make a noticeable difference to to fuel atomisation on the M Most plenum chambers are in dire need of a performance upgrade, although a few makers provide reasonably well designed plenum chambers.

    Larger M valves, getting port work and head flowing will also improve power, and significantly will give you raising the power increase on other parts. Turbo upgrades NASP engines need quite a lot of work when you add a turbo, so we have a separate guide to help you take into account the pros and cons of going this route on your M The more air you can get into an engine, the more fuel it can burn and uprating the induction with a turbocharger upgrade makes major power gains.

    If a car has a turbocharger tuning mods are simpler to install and we find turbocharged engines already contain more solid components. However you'll find engines have weakspots Discover these restrictions and upgrade to higher quality crank and pistons to handle the power.

    We see many guys spending a loads on turbocharger upgrades on the M only to see the car throw a rod when it's first rolling road session. Large upgraded turbo units tend to suffer low end lag, and small turbo units spool up really quickly but don't have the peak rpm engines power gains.

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